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NFL Star Devin McCourty and Wife Devastated After Loss of Baby


Devin McCourty and his wife Michelle have experienced many highs as a couple. They have two children together and were looking forward to adding a third to their family, but recently that was taken away from them.

Michelle, who is Dr. Michelle McCourty, an ER doctor, posted on Saturday to share the heartbreaking news.

“I cry as I type this,” she shared in a series of photos posted on Instagram. “It pains me to announce that this past memorial wknd, on May 24, 2020, Dev and I suffered the most painful experience of our lives.

“My pregnancy had resulted in a still birth at almost 8 months of being pregnant — at exactly 31 weeks 2 days, when we found out that the baby girl growing inside me no longer had a heart beat after being completely fine the week prior at my last doctor’s appt.

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“We are so heart broken. We are devastated. We are speechless. We are angry. We are sad. We are confused. We are numb.”

As a doctor, Michelle already had a lot of worries going into pregnancy — she had an insider’s knowledge of just how many things can go wrong with a pregnancy, but the loss of their child came without warning.

“To make matters worse, after an emotional full 21 hour labor, I had to push out and deliver our beautiful babygirl who came out with the umbilical cord around her neck,” she explained.

“We held our baby, wrapped in a blanket, cute as ever, looking just like our son Brayden when he was born, but she had no breaths. No cries. No movement. Doctors say they have no answers for why this happens. It just sadly does.”

Understandably, the couple has been shaken. Losing a life so early on, when they were preparing for the joy of a new little one in their arms, made Michelle question God.

“I can’t explain my thoughts in the moment,” she wrote. “My faith has always been strong, but it definitely wavered. I was so angry. So sad.”

But two things helped Michelle in an otherwise incredibly dark period: her true friends and a Bible verse.

“I had to call on my most faith-filled friends and support systems to help me deal with this reality. To not allow my anger and hurt to cause me to lose faith altogether. God, for whatever reason, felt it necessarily to take our babygirl, Mia, home with him early.

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“It’s hard to fathom what for, why us, what his plan was and is; but somehow-in that moment of hearing this terrible news-I opened up my bible app out of desperation for some answers. And the verse of the day happened to be Hebrews 12:11 ‘No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.'”

Michelle said the verse gave her hope, and though the pain is real and losing Mia feels senseless, she is open to the possibility of helping other grieving families in the future.

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Please pray for our family. ???? @mccourtytwins

A post shared by Michelle P (@dr_yimac32) on

“I’ve seen and felt God in so many ways in this last week,” Devin posted on Instagram, “1st was holding my 3rd child Mia and telling her I love her and then telling her see you later…all in one day.”

He added: “2nd has been leading such a strong and powerful woman @dr_yimac32…her strength has brought me to tears but also inspired me to be what God has called me to be. 3rd Gods love on earth has been shown to us by unbelievers friends and family who have checked on us daily, and hourly. Thank you everyone for your love and prayers.”

This strong couple is blessed to have the support they do, and as they grieve they have asked for continued prayers.

“Pray for our healing,” Michelle wrote. “Pray for some closure. Pray that our devastation can somehow find some hope for better things to come for our family.”

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