NYC Mayor Eric Adams Rips GOP Governors Abbott, Ducey as 'Cowards' for Shipping Illegal Migrants North


New York City Mayor Eric Adams lashed out at two Republican governors Thursday, holding them responsible for a flood of illegal immigrant arrivals overwhelming his city’s homeless shelters and resources.

“We do not become cowards and send people away who are looking for help,” said Adams according to the New York Post, in a veiled shot at Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

Arizona and Texas began transporting illegals to Washington D.C this summer, as the federal government failed to deport or expel them.

Adams suggested that migrants who arrived in D.C. were ending up in New York City.

“So, they want to justify that in their own little way of saying, ‘We, we sent them to Washington’ so they could do a layover and then come to New York — they can say what they want,” said Adams.

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“You know, the mere fact that they sent people out of their state — people who are seeking refuge in our country — they sent them away,” said Adams, questioning why the press believed Abbott and Ducey’s assertions that they weren’t shipping the migrants to New York City.

Adams had called on the federal government to provide assistance in a Wednesday news conference, admitting the tidal wave of illegals was creating problems for the city’s schools and homeless shelters.

Washington D.C Mayor Muriel Browser has also admitted the influx of migrants has burdened her city’s shelter capacity.

Abbot has denied sending illegals directly to New York City.

“Mayor Adams should check with President Biden if his administration is the one dumping migrants in his city, as they’ve been doing to Texas border towns for months,” said a spokeswoman for the Texas governor.

Ducey also denied that his state is sending the illegals to New York City.

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President Joe Biden has gutted immigration enforcement since his inauguration, cutting deportations drastically even as record-setting waves of illegal migrants cross the southern border and make asylum claims.

Immigration enforcement has traditionally been considered the job of the federal government.

Is he a hypocrite?

State and local governments have been forced to play hot potato with the asylum-seekers in a moment where American housing infrastructure is seriously challenged, according to House Method.

Maybe the best solution to the problem would entail enforcing the immigration laws already on the books and returning illegal immigrants to their home countries.

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