Op-Ed: We the People Demand Truth and Transparency on Ukraine


The machinations of scheming, lying and concealing the truth from We the People were further exposed last week with revelations that the U.S. government, from the executive branch to Congress, has lied to the American people about the war in Ukraine.

Both Democrats and Republicans have given a corrupt foreign government hundreds of billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars. They’re sending Ukraine arms to wage a reckless proxy war against Russia, a country with a population more than three times its size and with a huge nuclear arsenal.

And now the American public knows that despite all the happy talk about taking down Russian President Vladimir Putin, our government knows the Ukrainians are losing, and badly.

How do we know this? Not from government officials. No, this information comes to us through one of the largest leaks of classified intelligence in U.S. history.

On April 13, a Massachusetts Air National Guardsman was arrested for allegedly posting classified information on the internet. Americans believe that it’s vitally important to protect our nation’s secrets and if this young man broke the law, he should face consequences for it.

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But we also believe that this information should not have been concealed from the American public.

The leaked information shows that the situation is much less optimistic than our leaders let on. In reality, Ukraine will be lucky to draw a stalemate, they’re running out of ammunition, the U.S. distrusts the Ukrainians and, contrary to what the White House professes, American troops are on the ground in Ukraine.

That the media has all but buried these revelations is more evidence that We the People have failed our constitutional order.

Obviously, it’s not the first time the government has lied to the public (COVID, Russiagate, the southern border, etc.), even about something as important as war. Our federal government is built on a network of lies, with the various nodes along the network going as far as they can to advance their own interests.

Our Founding Fathers anticipated as much, and that’s why they left us the Constitution — not to enshrine their thoughts as relics, but rather to guide us through our trials as we must face the effects of the immutable laws of human nature.

The authors of the Constitution gave war-making powers to the legislative branch because they wanted to make it hard for America to go to war. They feared endowing the executive branch and its head — the president — with too much power, such as that involved in decisions about war and peace, life and death. By distributing power through three branches of government, the framers built a sturdy foundation for our system of checks and balances.

And yet the most powerful check and balance is We the People, which is why the First Amendment protects our most crucial right, freedom of speech. The press, once free but now a slave to partisanship, won’t tell the truth. No matter — we will.

Stand up and speak the truth. It’s up to us, the American people, to defend our Constitution and our great nation.

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