Opinion: Anti-Trump Progressives Are Following Lenin's Playbook


“In the theater of confusion, knowing the location of the exits is what counts.”

– Mason Cooley

Every leftist movement the world has ever seen has started as an appeal to equalize a society in favor of those expecting a return on a negative investment. This divisive brand of extremism arises after seeds of insecurity are cultivated by confusion, dissolution and chaos. Once these targets are isolated from the properties of logic, they are consumed with contrived non-issues that occupy their mental space for reason and cognitive thought.

Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany were archetypes of this power-achieving genre that birthed many a sinister incarnation, including today’s left elitists. Confusion breeds dissolution which permits opportunists to extort independency into dependency.

The isolation of factions to achieve victory has been a critical strategy since ancient Greece. This empowers the sovereign to control subjects and mitigate collective rule. Divide et impera was fine-tuned by Philip II of Macedon when he consolidated Greece by inciting unrest in local provinces.

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Julius Caesar divided loyalty to build the Roman Empire. He disunified Gaul and segregated the Celtic nation to disable their ability to stop his nation building.

Napoleon Bonaparte borrowed both Philip II and Caesar’s play books to aggrandize his dynasty.

“One must change one’s tactics every ten years if one wishes to maintain one’s superiority.”

– Napoleon Bonaparte

Do you think the modern American left are really communists?

Volumes have been written on the deployment of separating the masses to actualize agendas on military and political battlefronts. Tactics remain consistent no matter which arena these conflicts take place since “the victor gets the spoils” and “all is fair in war and politics.” Progressives are masters of ad hominem attacks against opponents since they can’t win on ideology. Those on the right are always divided and use public forums to denounce each other to the chagrin of their party and delight of the left. This has been the case for decades and it will carry forward until the last day of eternity.

“In war, you can only be killed once, but in politics, many times.”

– Winston Churchill

There was a time when politics was about debate: assault, then react, retort and counter assault. Most respected the traditional constraints of the public forum and kept their “flame-wars” prudent. But that ended with the election of Donald Trump. When progressives got caught with their pants down on Election Night, their stupefaction turned to hate. Within hours, progressives across the U.S. gathered copies of Marx’s “Communist Manifesto” and the “Essential Works of Lenin” and declared war on republicanism.

Class warfare has been a leftist tactic for centuries. Dixiecrats segregated the classes for decades after the Civil War. Franklin D. Roosevelt and Barack Obama isolated fluctuant groups to expand federalism and liberalism. By ensconcing specific perpetual underclasses, Obama spawned a mammoth flock of malcontents that changed the leftist manipulation blueprint forever. Obama’s theatrical techniques of persuasion showed that leftist proclivities can attenuate logic for any sorceress progressive hallucination they conjure up. This laid the foundation for the mother of all liberalist movements to openly subjugate republicanism.

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Saul Alinsky was the mentor for new-age progressives such as Obama and Clinton. But when Bernie Sanders came out of the closet, it revealed his true colors and unearthed the core micro-foundations of the left’s quasi-socialist crusade. Anti-Trump progressives combined Marxist socioeconomic theory and Leninist political bait-and-switch stratagem, the formula Lenin used to eradicate Russian capitalism.

By cloning the divisive rhetoric of Marxism and Leninism, this caustic brand of extremism legitimizes their operatives’ social and political assaults against republicanism. Gullible subclasses follow, trading individualism for collectivism as leftists undermine their faith in capitalism.

“Truth is the most precious thing. That’s why we should ration it.”

Vladimir Lenin

Lenin brought socialism to Russia through the back door. He created an environment to propagate deception. His secret weapon was propaganda. By delegitimizing and demonizing every traditional Russian institution, Lenin created chaos and fear. He disrupted Russia’s daily business to the point capitalism was viewed as the problem and socialism a sober and judicious solution. That confirms why the modern American left chose Leninism over Alinsky-ism to retool their hybrid brand of progressivism to defeat U.S. republicanism.

“There are no morals in politics; there is only expedience.”

– Vladimir Lenin

The Democratic Party of Hubert Humphrey, John F. Kennedy, and even Bill Clinton no longer exists. It has fallen prey to Lenin’s socialist pyramid of ruling chiefs who take random shots at every social, cultural, economic, and political institution in America. They propagate a steady stream of assaults against center right republicanism. Those at the top bankroll these attacks and are immune to the residuum of liberalist wealth redistribution. But those on the bottom have everything to lose yet take their bait eagerly.

Progressives misread the two Barack Obama elections. Hillary Clinton was hand-picked to escalate anti-capitalist dogma to the next level. They felt their trajectory was impenetrable. But when middle class America saw the downside of eight more years of Alinsky-ism on steroids, the voter turnout of minorities and hardcore leftists was not enough to secure a state of comrades and commandants.

“No amount of political freedom will satisfy the hungry masses.”

– Vladimir Lenin

Progressives are obsessed with power. They have carbon copied Lenin’s methodology to establish a new national populist order. The far left is aware that to close the deal on progressive-Leninism, their operatives must denigrate capitalism. It’s vital they continually create miseries; instill fear, assault morality, family, faith, and traditional values. They must destroy every conservative institution and think tank. Their objective is to convince America that capitalism no longer works, and socialism does.

“We Social-Democrats always stand for democracy, not in the name of capitalism.”

– Vladimir Lenin

Progressives are working overtime to control the government by the 2020 census. Just as Lenin did, they’ll promise cake and ice cream but deliver bread and water. They’ll blame every economic and social shortcoming on conservatives. They will march lock-step with Marx and Lenin until they perpetuate progressive-Leninism. This will be done one law at a time. As Lenin said, “Every little difference may become a big one if it is insisted on.”

Our wisest founder, elder Ben Franklin, saw the writing on the Convention wall in 1787:

“We have given you a republic – if you can keep it.”

A version of this Op-Ed appeared on The Watchdog website.

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