Panic Mode: KJP Scrambles to Cover for Biden After He Freezes Up with Obama, Says Videos Are 'Fake'


Karine Jean-Pierre’s time as White House press secretary can be summed up in one phrase — defending the indefensible.

KJP must constantly reach beyond where reason would allow in trying to defend President Joe Biden‘s disastrous policies and failing mental state.

It is not that she believes any of the things she says. She is smart enough to realize this administration is simply horrible, but it is her job to fall on her sword and remain committed to the commander-in-chief.

Monday’s White House media briefing was yet another example of this sentiment. When asked if the White House was concerned about videos that are apparently edited to paint President Biden in a negative light physically or mentally, KJP referred to footage of Biden portraying him this way as “cheap fakes video[s]” done “in bad faith.”

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She attacked “right-wing critics of the president,” who “have a credibility problem because of the fact checkers have repeatedly caught them pushing misinformation, disinformation.”

KJP’s scrambled defense of Biden came after two recent incidents that put the president’s health under a microscope once again.

The first happened at the 80th anniversary for the D-Day invasion of Normandy Beach where Biden could be seen on camera making some suggestive movements leading to speculation that he — being an 81-year-old man — may have had an accident.

Is Biden mentally fit to be president?

KJP mentioned in her statements from the clip above a recent Washington Post article in which the moment is supposedly debunked as the president was not doing anything out of the ordinary as “right-wing critics” may suggest.

He was simply trying to take his seat during the ceremonies a few seconds earlier than those around him.

The second and very recent episode, which spurred KJP’s remarks, came during a Los Angeles fundraiser at the Peacock Theater over the weekend where Biden appeared alongside former President Barack Obama.

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In the footage, Biden appeared to freeze, staring blankly at the crowd before Obama led him off stage.

While the footage from D-Day’s ceremonies could very well be just what Biden’s defenders say, his latest moment with Obama doesn’t offer KJP any leeway.

The president appeared to stare blankly into the crowd before Obama brought him back into the moment and led him away. He seemed distant and mentally checked out.

What if we grant KJP everything she is claiming during Monday’s briefing? What if there really is a malicious right-wing cabal who cleverly edited Biden in these appearances to make him appear frail, incompetent, and unfit for a second term?

She — and the rest of his administration — are still left with the steepest of uphill battles in defending him.

There is a catalog of moments where the president’s appearances are plagued with malapropisms, aimless wanderings, and fatigue indicative of an 81-year-old in failing health.

There are simply too many moments for the American people to see where something is amiss.

KJP can’t expect us to believe that all of these are fake, does she?

Probably not, but again, she must defend the indefensible.

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