Pics: Portland Police Release Photos of Riot Damage Inflicted Over the Weekend


After the Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade abortion decision on Friday, protests broke out across the country.

The protests did not remain peaceful, however, and Portland, Oregon — the site of frequent riots by antifa and other leftist extremists in recent years — once again has become a hub of destructive demonstrations.

In a news release Sunday, the Portland Police Bureau published photos and outlined the damage that was done in one neighborhood over the weekend.

“A destructive group caused damage to numerous businesses during a march through the Hollywood District,” the bureau said.

One nonprofit motherhood support organization had a window smashed, spray-painted obscenities and symbols and a damaged gate.

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A coffee shop ended up with a smashed window and graffiti.

There was also damage done outside a high school: “Abolish schools” was spray-painted on a Portland Interscholastic League van, and its windows were broken.

The original police report said a group of people marched on Saturday night and began destroying and painting graffiti on buildings.

“On Saturday, June 25, 2022 at about 10:00p.m., a group of over 60 people marched out of Grant Park, Northeast 33rd Avenue and U.S. Grant Place,” the report said. “Participants, most dressed in all black, began breaking windows and scrawling graffiti.”

More than 1,000 people gathered in downtown Portland on Friday evening to protest the court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade, KATU-TV reported.

From that crowd of protesters, smaller groups broke off throughout the evening. Some just continued to march, but others became destructive.

“Later, a much smaller group that still occupied Third Avenue started a fire in the middle of the street,” KATU reported.

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“Although the demonstrations were mostly peaceful, windows were broken at one business on Fifth Avenue,” the news report added.

Journalist Andy Ngo shared video and images of the weekend’s destruction on Twitter.

WARNING: The following tweets contain vulgar language that some viewers may find offensive.

Portland wasn’t the only city that had violent pro-abortion protests over the past few days.

“As the nation continues to feel the fallout from the Supreme Court’s decision that overturns Roe v. Wade, Washington and cities coast to coast were venues for street demonstrations after the ruling was met with an outpouring of joy and rage Friday night,” The Washington Post reported.

In Phoenix, pro-abortion protesters tried to break into the Arizona state Senate while the legislature was still in session on Friday night. Tear gas was used to disperse the mob.

Some pro-abortion protesters in Los Angeles made their way onto the 110 Freeway and blocked traffic, while another group clashed with police who tried to stop them from going down an onramp, the Los Angeles Times reported.

One man was facing an attempted murder charge after an officer was attacked with what the Los Angeles Police Department described as a “makeshift flamethrower.”

In New York, the LGBT “pride” parade turned into a rally for abortion rights, according to NBC News.

“New York City’s Pride parade, which typically recalls the marches and riots of the gay rights movement, focused on a celebration of identities and abortion rights. Planned Parenthood helped lead the parade,” the outlet reported.

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