Princess Diana's Niece Is All Grown Up and Resemblance to Late Aunt Is Striking


Princess Diana was, and still is, beloved by all, including people outside the U.K. — especially people in the U.S. Who doesn’t dream of becoming a princess one day?

Well, men probably don’t. But still, the sentiment stands. The British royalty fascinates millions of people, and even the extended family who’s often not part of the limelight gets crazy amounts of attention — whether they seek it or not.

Princess Diana’s family, the Spencers, are British nobility. Her father was a Viscount, who later became an Earl, and when he passed, the estate went to Diana’s younger brother, Charles — not to be confused with the Prince of Wales.

When Diana married Prince Charles, the rest of her family continued to live their lives, getting married and having children of their own. Charles Spencer became the Ninth Earl Spencer, and married fashion model Victoria Lockwood — whom he would later divorce.

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But he had four children with her, the eldest being Lady Kitty Spencer. Kitty was born in London but grew up in South Africa with her mother after her parents split up.

She has been largely away from the spotlight most royals experience, probably because she isn’t in line for the throne. While still nobility, she does not have any claim through her late aunt or her cousins, the Princes.

But Kitty isn’t in the news for any scandal that suddenly brought her into the spotlight. She’s in it because now that she’s in her late twenties and all grown up, her resemblance to the late Princess Diana is uncanny.

Looking like your aunt isn’t all that uncommon — my baby cousin looks just like her aunt did at that age — but when your aunt is Princess Diana, there’s no surprise that you’ll get a lot of attention.

So does Kitty resemble her in other ways? Is she elegant and regal and does she have that intriguing aloofness of royalty?

Well, according to Vanity Fair, not really. She seems more like a normal 27-year-old than she does like one of the princesses.

For starters, she has a social media account. That pins her immediately as not technically part of the royal family, because they aren’t allowed to have those.

VF reports that Kitty knows “every word to every episode of Friends” — I probably do too! — and enjoys other normal things, too.

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She may get to attend some royal events and is probably quite affluent in the way of money, but she’s just like normal people with normal passions and pursuits. She just gets to attend royal weddings and do a lot of worthwhile charity work.

Regarding her family being split between continents, she had a surprisingly cheery attitude. She enjoys “the best of both worlds,” and has “never had to sacrifice one or the other because my mother’s in South Africa and my father’s [in London], so I’ve always gone between the two.”

She attended college in Cape Town, South Africa (her hometown), where she studied psychology, politics, and English literature. She then went on to pursue a master’s in “luxury brand management,” which I didn’t know existed, but can definitely see a noble lady pursuing.

It’s nice to see a piece of Diana’s beauty continue on, not only through her sons but through her nieces and nephews, too.

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