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Pro-Life Activist Viciously Assaulted After Telling Man 'Jesus Loves You'

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“Abortion Clinic LIVE” founder Ryan Roberts was attacked by a passer-by outside Whole Woman’s Health in Fort Worth, Texas, on Friday, FaithWire reported.

Roberts, who was standing near the street, calling to the mothers and fathers headed into the clinic and sharing the love of Christ, caught the eye of a man passing in his vehicle on the street.

Roberts was filming his time in front of the clinic and caught the entire exchange on video, including when the man got out of his truck and struck Roberts in the face, causing a gash on his head.

A local pastor, Mark Dickson of SovereignLOVE Church, was with Roberts when the attack occurred and said, “Those of us who stand on the sidewalks of abortion clinics and who reach out on a regular basis go through a lot.

“Not everyone likes what we say and not everyone likes what we do. Sometimes we see them respond violently.”

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WARNING: The following linked clip contains graphic violence that some viewers may find disturbing.

Roberts’ video was later uploaded to YouTube and viewers can see the assault take place.

The pastor went on to explain that Roberts filmed the entire exchange and that there was nothing done by the pro-life activist that could have enraged the attacker, other than the words Roberts could be heard saying.

“In the video you will see a man arrive at Whole Woman’s Health in Fort Worth. He was not there to drop off or pick up anyone,” Dickson said. “He just saw us on the sidewalk and decided to stop.

Do you think this should be considered a hate crime?

“What you see in the video is our entire interaction with this man. Yet that interaction led to that man stopping in the middle of the road, getting out of his car, and punching Ryan Roberts several times in the face. All for sharing about Jesus Christ.”

Following the attack, Roberts composed himself and cleaned up some of the blood on his face.

“I knew that was going to happen eventually,” Roberts said. “I told myself if that happened I was going to take it. Like Jesus. And I did.”

Roberts said he was surprised that this particular man attacked him because he “had Jesus stickers all over his truck.”

In the video, Roberts can be seen back at his impassioned pleas almost immediately, pleading with those headed for the clinic to reconsider their choice to end the life of their unborn children.

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“Jesus loves you so much! I just got assaulted out here by a random man who drove by. You should see my face. I am covered in blood. But it’s OK.

“Because Jesus was crucified. He was beaten and bloodied. For you. Because he loves you. And He loves that little baby too!”

Dickson told FaithWire that the Fort Worth Police have identified a suspect and that charges will be filed in relation to what is being called a religious hate crime.

The pro-life activist posted on his Facebook account that evening and, despite the attack, showed no signs of regret for being at the clinic that day.

He wrote, “Nothing like getting snuggles from your baby girl after getting beat up for trying to save other baby boys and girls. What a day today at the Abortion Clinic.”

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