Prominent Pastor John MacArthur Unexpectedly Misses Scheduled Sermon Due to Health Scare - Church Issues Update


Pastor and bestselling author John MacArthur of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, was not able to preach during the second service Sunday after falling ill.

Protestia reported that a church elder informed the congregants at the second service, “Just so you know, Pastor John had a bug this week and preached our first hour but asked if he might be able to take a break for the second hour.”

Tim Hurd, founder of Bible Thumping Wingnut News, recounted, “I attended the first service. Pastor John had gone up to the pulpit to preach and soon as he got there he had taken a second ‘to catch his breath.'”

“He said he wasn’t sure why all of a sudden he was out of breath and had made a few coughs. I think it was about 45 seconds though to a minute that took maybe, but he did go on to preach.”

“He did sound back to normal during the rest of the sermon, but I’m praying for Pastor John. I prayed for him during the service,” Hurd added.

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Grace Community Church issued an update on its website Tuesday saying, “Many of you are praying for Pastor John’s health due to his absence from the pulpit during the second service.

“We are pleased to report that he is doing well. He saw a doctor on Sunday afternoon and he is in good health, and just needs rest from a busy holiday week,” the church added. “Thank you for your continued prayers for Pastor John.”

MacArthur, 83, is the author of many books including, “The Gospel According to Jesus,” and “The MacArthur Study Bible.”

Was Pastor John MacArthur right to stand against the State of California?

The pastor made headlines in the fall of 2020 when he refused to shut down his church to comply with state and Los Angeles County COVID-19 directives.

His bold stand earned him plaudits from many including “Passion of the Christ” actor Jim Caviezel, Fox News host Laura Ingraham and Rev. Franklin Graham.

“We believe that the governor, the county, the city and the health department are going against the Constitution,” MacArthur told Ingraham at the time.

“The church doesn’t exist to make sure it navigates around politicians’ whims. The church exists in the world to preach the saving gospel of Christ,” he explained.

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The Christian Post reported that MacArthur’s church sued LA County over the order and ultimately the county settled the case agreeing to pay $800,000 in legal fees to end the litigation in the late summer of 2021.

In September 2022, MacArthur sent an open letter to California Gov. Gavin Newsom denouncing the elected official’s use of the Bible to promote abortions.

“You revealed to the entire nation how thoroughly rebellious against God you are when you sponsored billboards across America promoting the slaughter of children, whom He creates in the womb,” the Christian leader wrote.

“You further compounded the wickedness of that murderous campaign with a reprehensible act of gross blasphemy, quoting the very words of Jesus from Mark 12:31 as if you could somehow twist His meaning and arrogate His name in favor of butchering unborn infants,” MacArthur said.

He cited the Bible’s book of Isaiah writing that God pronounces judgment on those who call evil good and good evil.

MacArthur exhorted quoting scripture, “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.”

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