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Prosthetic Leg Mysteriously Found at Lumber Yard After Amputee Loses It While Skydiving


If you were walking along and stumbled across a prosthetic leg lying in the dirt, what would your first thought be?

Prosthetics are expensive and people generally need them to lead normal everyday lives. Seeing one abandoned would raise some concerning questions about the location and status of its owner.

“It was a really good find,” Sgt. Spencer Crum of the Sonoma Sheriff’s Department said, according to KRON-TV. “It was kind of a whodunit at first — how did a prosthetic leg get in the middle of this lumber yard.”

The leg was initially discovered in a lumber yard in Cloverdale, California. Realizing something was afoot, the lumber yard contacted the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office, which began searching for the owner.

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“The Cloverdale Airport is right next to the lumber yard where the prosthetic leg was found,” Crum said. “The deputy came by here, asking if anyone knows how this leg may have landed in the lumber yard.”

Apparently, the manner in which the leg was lost was even more unusual than its appearance.

Would you ever want to go skydiving?

“Turns out that an amputee went skydiving yesterday and his leg fell off in mid-flight from about 10,000 feet up,” a Sonoma Sheriff Facebook post read on April 22.

“After they landed, he and friends looked around the area but couldn’t find it.”

Dion Calloway was the owner. He’s the sort of person who doesn’t let a little difficulty knock him off his feet — he literally destroyed his biological leg while skydiving, but has that stopped him? Of course not.

“We contacted Dion and were able to return his leg this afternoon. Great guy, full of humor who said he lost his first leg in a freak skydiving accident two years ago but that hasn’t held him back. He jokingly quipped that this was his second leg lost while skydiving.”

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“He said he came down really hard, really fast as he went to plant his foot his ankle and bottom part of his leg just exploded so he unfortunately lost his leg two years ago,” Crum said.

The prosthetic came at no small cost, either, so Calloway was relieved to get his $15,000 investment back. He also told sheriffs that he was even more relieved that his leg didn’t hit anyone on its way down.

“He promises to make a tether and learn from this but fully plans to stick with his passion,” the sheriff’s post concluded. “Good luck Dion!! Great spirit!!!”

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