Push To 'Get Joe Involved' Revealed in Newly Released Hunter Biden Associate Texts


Newly released text messages obtained by Fox News between Hunter Biden’s former business associates show an effort “to get Joe involved” in their anticipated joint venture with Chinese Energy company CEFC because that would create the impression this was “a truly family business” to the Chinese.

James Gilliar, one of Hunter Biden’s former business partners, sent a message to Tony Bobulinski, another former associate and the CEO of Sinohawk Holdings, on May 11, 2017, according to the report Thursday.

Gilliar wrote: “Man U are right let’s get the company set up, then tell H and family the high stakes and get Joe involved.”

Bobulinski, you will recall, sat for a comprehensive interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson in October during which he detailed a two-hour meeting with former Vice President Joe Biden on May 2, 2017, at the Beverly Hilton bar in Los Angeles.

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He said Hunter Biden both arranged and attended the meeting, which also included Joe Biden’s brother, James.

According to Fox News, in an exchange dated April 30, 2017, Bobulinski wrote to Gilliar: “What is the deal w Jim Biden as he wasn’t part of the discussion but now seems a focal point.”

Gilliar responded: “With H demons, could be good to have a back up, he strengthens our USP to Chinese as it looks like a truly family business, and I like the dude.”

The Fox report explained that “USP” generally stands for either “unique selling proposition” or “unique selling point,” although a source told the outlet it could also be a reference to “U.S. persons.”

Do you believe Joe Biden was involved with his son's business dealings in China?

Joe Biden, the presumptive president-elect, has repeatedly denied having any knowledge of his son’s business affairs, let alone being involved in them or receiving any financial benefit from them. His claims appear unlikely in light of the explosive emails found on Hunter Biden’s laptop, which were revealed by the New York Post in October, and the steady stream of new information reported since then.

As I see it, the reported text in which Gilliar presented the idea of “getting Joe involved” as a viable option rather than as an inconceivable notion speaks volumes about Biden’s knowledge of his son’s foreign business dealings.

In another exchange obtained by Fox News, the two discussed an upcoming meeting scheduled for May 7, 2017, with the CEO of CEFC and several top executives. Gilliar asked Bobulinski to “come up with an A lister to meet chairman Sunday.”

Bobulinski responded on May 4, “Ok. A ‘lister’?”

Gilliar explained, “Top person at same level as chairman, who would like to access China or money. It’s the way it works culturally for them.” He added, “And empowers the B family so therefore us.”

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Prior to the election, Big Tech suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop story. Most establishment media outlets either ignored it or told viewers it was Russian disinformation intended to help President Donald Trump win re-election.

Joe Biden, who was questioned about his son’s overseas business affairs during the final presidential debate, told Americans, “There are 50 former national intelligence folks who said that what he’s [Trump] accusing me of is a Russian plant. They have said that this has all the … five former heads of the CIA, both parties, say what he’s saying is a bunch of garbage. Nobody believes it except him and his good friend, Rudy Giuliani.”

In a softball interview Thursday on CBS’ “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” Biden said, “I have, we have great confidence in our son. I am not concerned about any accusations made against him. It’s used to get to me.

“I think it’s kind of foul play. But look, it is what it is, and he’s a grown man. He is the smartest man I know, I mean, for the pure intellectual capacity. And as long as he’s good, we’re good.”

We believe you, Joe.

Jill Biden appeared with him and alternated between casting Nancy Reagan-esque gazes of admiration at her husband and nodding her head up and down to express agreement.

In the meantime, their “smart” son is being investigated by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware over what he described as a tax matter but reportedly goes much further.

On top of that, The Daily Caller reported Wednesday that it had obtained emails from another one of Hunter Biden’s former business associates, Eric Schwerin.

In these emails, the former vice president’s son was “repeatedly told … that he was set to receive payments from the Chinese private equity firm BHR Partners starting in 2019 and for years to come,” the report said.

According to the article, in October 2019, Hunter Biden’s attorney issued a statement saying he “had not received any distributions from BHR.”

Is Hunter Biden currently receiving payments from this company?

The allegations that Joe Biden’s son was involved in a foreign influence-peddling scheme are beginning to pile up, and it’s becoming more difficult by the day to believe the presumptive president-elect had no knowledge of, or received no benefit from, those activities.

Joe Biden very well may have been compromised by his son’s business dealings with China or other countries.

Americans deserve to know.

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