Remarkable Moment Doctor Turns Breech Baby While Still in Womb Caught on Video


There are many ways that a pregnancy can become more complicated than intended. Young mothers, especially first-time mothers, often worry about all the “ifs.”

Most of the time, those complications are imaginary. With all the advancements we’ve made in medicine and technology, it’s a lot easier to prepare for difficulties and deal with them safely.

Breech births are not unheard of, but most babies presenting in that fashion these days are delivered through c-section.

There are a lot of things that women can try to get their breech baby repositioned so that they can have a normal birth, but these methods are not always effective.

These methods include doing handstands in the water, specific yoga-like positions, and other inversions to try to get the baby to move around and line up.

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Nick and Vanessa Fisher were expecting baby #2. By 32 or so weeks, the baby should be turned face-down, but the Fishers’ son was still in a breech position.

Vanessa tried several different methods to get the little tyke straightened out and ready to meet the world.

“I would like bounce on (a medicine) ball or do figure 8,” said Vanessa. “We would put headphones in my pocket and try to get the baby to try to get curious and try to listen down at the bottom of them.”

The little one apparently wasn’t interested in the sounds he heard, or perhaps they played music that just wasn’t his taste. He stayed where he was. So they tried more methods.

The parents were planning a home birth, so they wanted to do everything possible to minimize the necessity of a c-section.

“We got out the ironing board and we would plank, said Vanessa. “I would lie on the ironing board upside down for maybe 20 mins at a time. None of those things worked.”

Desperate, they sought other ways of positioning their new little one. A midwife suggested they meet with a particular doctor who had a penchant for turning babies while they were still in the womb.

Their stubborn child refused to move during the first attempt, but at 38 weeks the doctor was able to shift him and get him ready for birth.

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Nick filmed the whole thing. They were hoping to have video of the event so they could keep it and look back on it later. They didn’t intend for it to go public — not at first, anyway.

But once the video made its way online, there was no stopping it. People were astounded with the whole procedure, some commiserating and some in awe over what is possible for the human body.

“They were just kind of blown away with it,” Nick said, “and just the whole visual side of it. Obviously is pretty intense and a lot of people apparently have had them, but there’s not many videos out there.”

Thanks to the doctor, the couple was able to have their home birth just as they’d planned. They posted on Facebook after the birth, sharing their happy news and thanking those who’d helped throughout the process.

“What an honor to have brought this precious gift into the world,” they wrote. “Many thanks to our heavenly Father for entrusting us with his life, our midwives My Sister’s Keeper Birth & Midwifery Services for their unwavering support and guidance in our natural home birth, and our photographers Lane B Photography and Kimberly Hammond Photography who perfectly captured the most indescribable moments of our lives.”

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