As Republican Abby Huntsman Leaves 'The View,' Insider Blasts 'So Rude' Meghan McCain


The ABC daytime talk show “The View” has been plagued with rumors of having a toxic environment for co-hosts since its inception more than two decades ago.

A beacon of pro-Democrat talking points from a panel of nearly all liberals, other than the token one or two “moderate” Republicans it signs each season, the show has also been toxic to the eyes and ears of non-indoctrinated viewers.

Two of the recent Republicans on the cast have been Meghan McCain, daughter of late Sen. John McCain of Arizona, who joined the panel in 2017 after leaving her position at Fox News, and Abby Huntsman, who followed in 2018.

But Huntsman announced her departure from the show on Monday, and now reports say the way she was treated was the reason.

When Huntsman announced that she was leaving “The View,” both she and the show’s executives painted a rosy picture of a woman who was exiting to help her father, former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, once again campaign for governor of the Bee Hive State.

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“This is always such a hard thing to do … but today I’m saying goodbye,” Huntsman said on the show.

“As you guys know, my No. 1 priority has always been my family,” she said, explaining that she’s leaving to help her dad’s campaign.

“I couldn’t be more excited to help someone I love,” the 33-year-old said.

According to Variety, the producers of the show sent the staff a memo that read, “We have some bittersweet news to share. Abby Huntsman is leaving ‘The View’ to help run her father’s campaign for Governor of Utah and to spend more time with her young family. As you will see in her note below, she made the tough decision to move on over the holiday break.

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“From the moment Abby joined us a year and a half ago, we knew how important her big family is to her. Isabel charmed us each time she came to the show and we shared Abby’s journey as she welcomed her twins, William and Ruby. Her dedication to family is what is launching Abby’s next exciting chapter. When your father asks you to help run your campaign, it’s a hard one to say no to.

“We thank Abby for her unique, intelligent, insightful and relatable voice that she brought to the show both in front of and behind the camera. We will truly miss her and her great spirit professionally and personally.”

Huntsman had a similar stance in her memo to the staff of the show.

“After much deliberation over the holidays, I have decided to leave the show to dedicate myself full-time in support of my dad and his campaign for Governor of Utah,” she said. “You know I think the world of all of you … ABC will always hold a special place in my heart, and so will all of you.”

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But a CNN report Monday said there was tension behind the scenes of the show, including issues between Huntsman and McCain.

According to the report, a source said McCain told Huntsman that it was insensitive to keep mentioning her children as McCain has struggled to get pregnant.

“Abby was sick of being berated by Meghan for perceived slights,” the source said. “She ultimately decided she didn’t need this job and it wasn’t worth it.”

The New York Post’s Page Six also said there was a rift between McCain and her liberal co-hosts.

“It’s an unhealthy environment — just the way that things are handled during shows and how people deal with each other,” a source said. “It’s intense.”

“Abby made an issue [to executives] about the overall environment. She’s felt for a while that things had to change.

“ABC treated Abby like s—, but everyone on the show gets treated like s—,” the source said. “She was smart enough to do something about it.”

In a separate story, Page Six said McCain had a rough patch with Huntsman and the two were no longer on speaking terms.

“They aren’t speaking to each other. It’s been about a month. None of the ladies talk to Meghan now. Abby was the last woman standing. It’s bad. Meghan’s so rude,” the insider said.

“Abby tolerates Meghan, but she doesn’t genuinely like her. Their friendship has soured,” a separate source told Page Six.

Other people close to the show described McCain as “rude and dismissive” to the show’s co-hosts and guests and “very self-important.”

McCain, who makes no secret of being virulently anti-President Donald Trump, has been one of the lone conservative voices on the show and, as such, does get heated when she is battling the other hosts on issues such as gun rights and abortion.

That has caused some fiery scenes on the show that have seen the hosts screaming at each other while trying to get a word in.

McCain was incensed at the coverage of the alleged rift between her and Huntsman and said that gender could have played a role in the way CNN reported on the story.

“I find it hard to believe that CNN would cover a story about men this way,” McCain said in a statement provided to The Western Journal by her publicist.

“Abby has been my friend for years and will always be my friend. I love her and her family very much,” she said.

Similarly, the Daily Beast poured cold water on the CNN report, saying Huntsman and McCain, who are longtime friends, had stopped speaking to each other for a while but have since made up.

When Huntsman announced that this Friday would be her last day on the program, the pair hugged and Huntsman said, “Meghan, we’ll be friends forever.”

McCain replied that she was “heartbroken” that Huntsman was leaving the show.

While the show will likely look to replace Huntsman with a Republican, don’t expect it to be someone who likes the president.

For all the talk of having a variety of views on the program, a pro-Trump daily panelist is something it has never had.

One possible successor to Huntsman is Ana Navarro, the definition of a Republican in name only who loathes the president.

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Carmine Sabia is a political pundit, editor and writer and has been featured on various television and radio programs. He is a former professional wrestling promoter and real estate investor.
Carmine Sabia is a political pundit, editor and writer and has been featured on various television and radio programs. He is a former professional wrestling promoter and real estate investor.