In Response to Vatican Cowardice, Priest Creates 'Coalition for Cancelled Priests'


In the 2020s, not even the Catholic Church is safe from “wokeness,” but after receiving leftist backlash for being too “right-wing” or “conservative” — some priests have decided to take matters into their own hands.

The Coalition of Canceled Priests emerged earlier this year in a collaborative response to “secular corruptions” plaguing the clergy of one of history’s most predominant institutions.

“In May of 2021, 61 American Bishops loudly opposed even a discussion of withholding the Blessed Sacrament from politicians who would permit the slaughter of unborn innocents, even up to point of birth,” the organization’s webpage reads.

“Ever mindful of the feelings (and influence) of nominally ‘Catholic’ politicians, these bishops have forsaken one of the first duties of priests. Such churchmen bring to mind the image of a commanding officer who, when the battle turns against his troops, goes over to the enemy and betrays his men. Or perhaps the apostle who left the last supper early for urgent business elsewhere,” it adds.

Protestants and Catholics alike have witnessed a leftist shift on a cataclysmic scale.

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Certain protestant denominations — including the historical traditionalist Southern Baptist church — have elected go “woke” for the sake of changing times as well, proving nothing — not even the gospel — is safe from the left.

The Coalition of Canceled Priests’ page extends further: “Amid the darkness and confusion sown by this element [corruption among the clergy], there are faithful priests and bishops who preach and practice the eternal Faith. All too often, they are persecuted or insufficiently defended when such men boldly preach the faith.”

Of course, that much is true.

The group aims to provide moral support for a number of priests who have been labeled too “conservative” or too “right-wing,” and a number who have been dismissed from their duties for shedding light on the “abusive” ways of modern bishops.

What we’re witnessing at a governmental level now replicates itself among the Church.

Is anyone allowed to speak out against authoritarian injustices?

Is nothing — dare I say — sacred anymore?

I can go on about how disrespectful it is to pollute the Church with “woke” political schemes or I can call out the delinquency which prompted these priests to take a stand, and I’ve decided to do the latter.

Fr. John Lovell, co-founder of the Coalition of Canceled Priests, expressed his disdain for what bishops have become in the age of immense corruption.

His story extends back nearly ten years when, according to Alpha News, he was “removed from public ministry” by his bishop for reporting abuses within the church.

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He maintains that there’s a “bishop problem” in America and, because of it, priests like him are in their crosshairs.

“Many bishops across the country, if not most, look at their priests as a problem, as a potential lawsuit,” he told Alpha News in an interview. “They don’t look at their priests as sons.”

Lovell revealed that his first bad run-in came when his own bishop, the late Thomas Doran, “reassigned” him from his parish and referred him for a psychological evaluation after he reported allegations of sexual misconduct of a teacher in the diocese.

Do you support Catholic traditionalists?

Later, the report added, Lovell was “told to enroll at the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, D.C.”

“I just simply followed procedure that anyone would within any diocese,” Lovell added during the interview, “I clearly stumbled across something that was not liked by the upper echelons of the diocese.”

Doran’s successor, Bishop David Malloy, would later remove Lovell from public ministry altogether and prompt him to seek a canon lawyer for his defense.

Lovell’s case isn’t the only instance in which bishops placed legal interests above the interests of the church — and its image — itself.

Fr. James Altman of St. James the Less Parish in La Crosse, Wisconsin was asked to resign by his bishop following his controversial remarks that Catholic Democrats must “repent” or “face the fires of hell,” according to America Magazine.

Altman has also turned his criticisms toward U.S. bishops, asserting their “ineffectiveness” to stand against modern government’s “godlessness” — a godlessness so profound that it arguably persecuted houses of worship during the COVID-19 pandemic — and for their embrace of COVID-19 vaccines.

Altman says he is being targeted for his willingness to preach “the truth” and speak out against “all the evil that confronts us,” the report adds.

While Altman’s stances are controversial, it’s safe to say the standard for preaching has significantly softened over the years, so much that even shedding light on sexual misconduct allegations can lead to termination.

While the future of traditional Christianity appears dismal, its important to remember one thing: “wokeness” does not coincide with truth.

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