Road Rage Victim Records Horrifying Incident in Broad Daylight, But Was in for a Bigger Shock When He Told Police About It


The victim of an apparent road rage incident in California is sharing the events that led to him staring down the barrel of another driver’s gun in broad daylight, and the shocking response he received from authorities when he reported the incident.

Dashcam video shows the driver approaching an intersection with a green light in Oakland and attempting to cross it before a white truck rolls in front of him, blocking the way.

After he honks at the truck, things take a violent turn as a man explodes from the pickup brandishing what appears to be a firearm. A gunshot can be heard as the driver flees the scene.

Watch the entire incident below.

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“At first it looked like just his fist, but when he got out of the car I saw something that was underneath his fist,” the driver told KGO-TV. “I figured it’s got to be a hammer.”

The audible gunshot and a bullet hole left in the car indicate this was no hammer.

Despite the apparent brush with death and video evidence of the encounter, it quickly became clear that the driver’s nightmare would not end after attempting to file a police report.

“Apparently they have a way of doing things here that I’m not accustomed to,” he said.

“I called them two, three times. I figured they would want this information because there’s somebody out there and he’s going to hurt somebody.”

Upon further investigation, KGO found that Oakland police had only an incomplete report on the serious crime.

The department is reportedly looking into the matter, but the driver remains upset about authorities’ seeming lack of interest in the dangerous confrontation.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” he said. “I’m just trying to do my civic duty and let them know, like I’m supposed to do, and the process to me just seemed absurd.”

While the driver is struggling to find justice, he’s fortunate to have escaped the situation with his life. In heated moments such as this, deadly violence is always a possibility. For unsuspecting families on the road, the price can be devastating.

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Just last year, a woman and her husband were traveling through North Carolina when they tried to change lines on Interstate 95. A driver in the other lane opened fire, killing the woman.

The terror didn’t just touch her and her husband, but left six children without a mother as well.

Not everyone in these violent incidents is made a victim by their attackers, however.

Months after the incident in North Carolina left an innocent mother dead, another gunman tried to intimidate a Texas family in an SUV.

The dad, driving the vehicle, tried to talk the armed man down but failed. Seeing no other option, he pulled his own pistol and left the suspect bleeding out on the road.

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Jared has written more than 200 articles and assigned hundreds more since he joined The Western Journal in February 2017. He was an infantryman in the Arkansas and Georgia National Guard and is a husband, dad and aspiring farmer.
Jared has written more than 200 articles and assigned hundreds more since he joined The Western Journal in February 2017. He is a husband, dad, and aspiring farmer. He was an infantryman in the Arkansas and Georgia National Guard. If he's not with his wife and son, then he's either shooting guns or working on his motorcycle.
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