Robber Says His Gun Is Fake, Hero Pulls the Trigger and Says "Mine's Real"


UPDATE: Lt. Michael Kelvy of the Hamilton, N.J., police department said Tuesday the event did not occur in Hamilton.

Two thugs who apparently tried to rob a 7-Eleven while armed with fake firearms endured a painful surprise when a security guard armed with a real weapon stormed into the store and shot both, according to a video generating tons of buzz on social media.

The video contains what purports to be surveillance footage from the store that showed the thugs entering dressed in hoodies and hopping over the front counter to rob the cash register. To be clear, the events seen in the video have not been corroborated by anybody in the media or law enforcement. It was unclear where or when the event took place.

The YouTube poster described it as happening in Hamilton, New Jersey, but the police department in Hamilton said that wasn’t accurate.

If the video itself is accurate, the thugs’ robbery plot quickly turned sour when a security guard waltzed through the front door and began firing his weapon.

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“It’s fake!” said one of the thugs in shock and terror, referring to his gun.

Too late. The guard had already turned his attention to the other thug, firing at point-blank range.

“It’s fake, it’s fake!” the thugs pleaded together.

“Oh well … mine’s real!” the security guard promptly responded.

Do you support the security guard's decision to open fire?

Watch the action here, though just a warning, besides showing violence, there’s some rough language.

The individual who uploaded the surveillance footage to YouTube noted in the description that it was filmed at a “Hamilton NJ 7-11 near Ham West HS.”

The video appeared online Jan. 11. By Jan. 16, it had already accrued over a million views, eight thousand likes and a thousand comments.

The general consensus from viewers both on YouTube and social media was that the thugs got exactly what they deserved.

“AND THE WAY IT SHOULD BE !!” wrote a commenter named Rodney Bissell on Facebook.

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“Talk about advertising!” wrote one YouTube user. “What company is THAT! I’ll hire you guys hands down if you have more “I ain’t playin'”/ Level headed officers like this!”

After the shooting, the guard ordered the suspects to the ground and told the cashier to call 911.

The extent of the injuries sustained by the thugs in the apparent robbery remains unclear, though it seems from the video like they were generally OK.

Some social media commenters have complained about the guard’s behavior, saying he shouldn’t have opened fire, especially after one of the thugs informed him that their guns were fake.

But clearly, not everyone agrees.

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