Russell Brand Rips Trump Indictment, Compares His Charges to Other Former Presidents - 'THIS IS BULLS***'


British comedian and actor Russell Brand blasted the inexcusable weaponization of the judicial system to prosecute former President Donald Trump, saying the media hysteria is contrived, as are the inflated indictments against him.

In a scathing 18-minute YouTube rebuke Wednesday, the podcaster told his 6.39 million subscribers that the left’s latest attempt to take down Trump is “bulls***.”

“Finally, the revelation is upon us!” Brand said. “Finally, the apocalypse is at hand! Finally, Donald Trump’s historic charges have been revealed! And it seems they’re mostly misdemeanors that are being amplified into felonies.”

In his opening statement, the entertainer slammed the “systemic corruption” that he said has allowed other former presidents to escape unscathed after committing atrocities far worse than anything alleged against Trump.

“If, by rule of law, Trump is a criminal, then let the proceedings unfold,” he said. “But let us also consider former presidents of the United States. Let us also consider significant and real systemic corruption. And beyond even that, dead bombed children across the world!”

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Brand continued: “Let’s look at the legacy of other American presidents. Let’s look at how this case represents systemic corruption and the inability of the system to ever create anything fair, just and even reasonable.”

The British entertainer said whether you like or hate Trump, it’s obvious that the amplified media hysteria surrounding this case is doing nothing more than “serving entrenched systemic power.”

Regardless of your personal opinions about the 45th president, he said, this flimsy case should make you “recognize our systems are not working. Our media is lying to us. Trials like this are being used as mass distractions.”

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This latest “show trial” — a trial where the verdict is rigged with the intent of influencing public opinion — is merely a spectacle to deflect attention from the egregious government corruption occurring right under our noses, Brand said.

“Huge amounts of money are being conveyed to the military-industrial complex,” he said. “Finland’s joining NATO. Julian Assange is still in prison. And we’re talking about misdemeanors being amplified into felonies.”

Brand admonished viewers to not allow their personal feelings about the former president to influence their condemnation of the wide-ranging corruption being veiled through the media elevation of this case.

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“You have to learn to put aside your personal feelings,” he said. “You have to look at systemic corruption.”

“The very fact that there’s this much hysteria shows you ‘something significant is happening,’ even though it’s ultimately ephemeral amplification that we’re dealing with,” Brand said.

“There is something underneath it — and what I believe that is, and what Trump’s success has always been based on — is all of us now know the system is broken,” he said.

Brand echoed the sentiment of countless Americans when he said Trump exposed the rank hypocrisy and pervasive corruption of the corporate media and the entrenched Washington establishment, and that’s why they’re trying so hard to destroy him.

“What I believe Trump is, was, perhaps will forever remain, is a kind of organic wrecking ball and rhetorical genius,” he said. “My personal belief is that Donald Trump is not able to change the systems of corruption, whether he wanted to or not.

“I also believe that these charges are ultimately a way of removing him from the presidential candidacy … but the main thing, the potent energy that has to be addressed is, people are sort of shuddering, shaking, vibrating with the rage, against this corruption and centralized power — whether it’s media, political or financial, is trying to repress it and locate it all in the figure of Trump.”

Brand is right: The case against Trump is weak, contrived and nothing more than circus sideshow to manipulate public opinion and unduly influence yet another presidential election.

You can hate Trump and still recognize that pursuing criminal charges against him has exposed how crooked and broken our judicial system, media and government are.

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