Security Camera Records Kind Stranger Hiding Packages From Thieves and Leaving Note on Door


Patience is a virtue … that not many have. Everything in our society grooms us to expect immediate results.

TV dinners. Drive-thrus. Instant messaging. Direct Deposit. Amazon prime.

In the days before streamlined delivery services, people had to wait a lot longer to get their items. Now, many people order everyday items from Amazon rather than go to the store because the shipping time is so quick.

Of course, with faster turnaround time and increased orders, that means there are a lot more deliveries. And that means there are golden opportunities for porch pirates.

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Amazon has tried to find ways to combat this. They’ve suggested setting up a secure system where delivery men and women can leave packages inside customers’ homes.

But, of course, that means giving access to strangers and paying a hefty fee to install and operate the system. And most people who appreciate Amazon Prime do not appreciate those conditions.

Many customers have taken it upon themselves to install cameras on their front porches.

That way they can keep an eye on things no matter where they are — and if someone decides to nab their latest rush order of cat coasters, they have evidence.

That’s how one homeowner caught the following scenario. The clip shows a hesitant man approach the property with two boxes.

He opens the gate … but pauses. He looks around, seems to see the camera, puts the boxes on the ground, pushes them in with his foot, closes the gate and consults his phone.

Originally, this video was posted saying that the first man was a deliveryman — but where’s the truck? Why is it so late (or early)? Why is the “deliveryman” wearing flip-flops and casual clothes?

It seems like this might actually be a neighbor who got packages delivered to him by mistake and was trying to get them to their rightful owner, which is why he’s not wearing livery and keeps looking at his phone — probably to double-check the address.

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Whether or not he’s the deliveryman, the packages were left out in the open. Another passer-by saw the situation, and decided to help out as well.

The second person does a full check on the house: they knock on the door, ring the doorbell and try the same at the side door before picking up the packages and moving them to a less-visible location.

Then, to top it off, the nameless do-gooder left a note on the front door, explaining that the packages had been tucked away near the side door for safe-keeping.

It’s nice to know that with all the porch pirates out there today, there are also people trying to do right by each other. We could all keep an eye out so we can help when we have the opportunity!

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