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Senior Golden Retriever Rescued from Canal by Kind Firefighters

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Many dogs have a difficult time resisting the call of the wild. Whether it’s a squirrel chattering and zipping up a tree or the rippling water just out of reach, dogs sometimes decide that adventure trumps obedience.

Some dogs, particularly golden retrievers and Labrador retrievers, absolutely adore the water. Both breeds were developed to aid hunters by retrieving waterfowl that had been shot, and many times that involves plunging into lakes and ponds.

Kensey is no different. Though described as a golden retriever, she may actually be a Labrador — it’s hard to tell if she’s a golden with a haircut or a yellow lab with a soft coat, but either way, the 12-year-old pup went for a bit too much adventure this week.

It’s unclear whether her adventure was intentional or not, but either way, she ended up falling into a canal when she was let out for her morning business.

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Three hours later, no sign of the elderly dog, and her owners were frantically searching for her. Meanwhile, a neighbor had spotted Kensey and called the fire department, which responded and helped haul the wayward dog out of the water.

“This morning Engine 9 helped reunite Kensey, a 12 year old golden retriever, with her worried owners,” Cape Coral Fire Department posted on March 25.

“She had been missing for three hours after falling in a canal when she was let outside this morning. Her owners had been out on the canal in kayaks looking for her and were relieved to find her safely on land with the firefighters.”

“What a fantastic story, my neighbors saw a dog swimming in our backyard canal,” Mechelle Poling posted on March 25. “The dog looked tired and listless.”

“They called the Cape Coral Fire department which rescued her. I was going to keep her in my lanai until Lee County Animal Control arrived. I was walking back to open the lanai door when I saw two people in Kaiaks looking for a dog.”

“Kensey had been missing since 5:30 this morning. She’s 12 years old and needless to say it was next to a miracle she managed not to drown.”

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“What a great happy ending for all. Thanks to our neighbors Sam and Barb, and our great Cape Coral Fire department – the true heroes for Kensey and her owners! I videoed Kensey’s rescue and her being reunited with her owners?”

Hopefully Kensey will only go out for supervised strolls from now on, and she’s probably gotten her swimming fix for some time!

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