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Shelter Writes Heartbreaking Letter to Cruel Owner Who Dumped Their Pregnant Dog


It’s difficult to imagine what could possess a person to discard an animal. What point does someone have to be at to simply toss away a living animal, throwing it out and letting it fend for itself?

It does happen, though. We’ve all seen the effects of it even if we haven’t personally witnessed someone dumping a pet.

But people stoop to a new level of low when the animal they abandon is pregnant. Not only is a human jeopardizing the life of the animal they once cared for but the new lives are hanging in the balance as well.

Fortunately for one momma dog in Lemoore, California, a passerby spotted her and was immediately drawn to help.

The dog was friendly enough, but the woman couldn’t see puppies anywhere. She knew they had to be nearby, so she called an animal rescue to help.

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Kings SPCA Halfway Home answered the call, and with a little ingenuity, they were able to get the tired mother to show them where the babies were.

They played the sound of crying puppies on their phone, which instantly sent the dog into nurturing mode, and she trotted off to check on her pups.

By then she was leashed and several volunteers were involved. She led them through thickets and underbrush until they found a little hollow where she’d had her babies.

After getting the dog and all ten puppies to safety, the Halfway Home had some choice words for the inconsiderate owner who had decided to dump the pregnant pit bull.

They addressed their letter “To the owner of our newest addition,” and what followed was a detailed account of the rescue and a severe reprimand.

“We know you don’t care because you dumped your pregnant 1-year-old dog in the middle of nowhere. We know you don’t care that she was attacked by other animals while she searched for food. We know you don’t care that she had to climb into thorn bushes to give birth in order keep her babies safe.

“We know you have already forgotten the look on her face when you drove away after discarding her like an old tire on the side of the road …

Selective Fury

“We know she is full of love and kindness….love and kindness that you obviously lack! Your lack of compassion for this beautiful momma is sickening. She is not trash. So don’t worry your selfish, heartless, lazy, ignorant little head. She doesn’t need you.”

The message concluded by highlighting the good Samaritans who had done the right thing in this situation. “It reminds me that there are selfless, compassionate people still around that are fighting the same fight to save a life….or in this case a family.”

Hopefully, this attention will get back to the original owner of this cast-off and also draw in potential adopters.

People have already commented on the video, asking to give this sweet dog a home — perhaps there will be just as many eager to take home one of her sweet puppies!

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