He Was Shot in the Head During a Facebook Live Video, Now He's Standing for First Time


Easter Sunday is a time of celebration and joy. It’s a time to come together as churches and families to remember, to feast, and to look forward with hope.

It’s not a time to find out your son has been shot in the head. But that’s exactly the news one family received this year.

Devyn Holmes was in a car at a Houston gas station when Cassandra Damper, one of the two people in his car with him, started a Facebook live video.

Damper also had a gun. Apparently, she was messing around with the gun, pointing it at Devyn, who told her to stop. She didn’t.

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Some claim that she knew the gun was loaded, others say it was a genuine accident. Despite what her real intentions were, the 25-year-old ended up shooting Devyn in the head and being charged with reckless serious bodily injury and aggravated assault, according to ABC.

Somehow, Devyn survived the initial incident, but he was in critical condition. Doctors kept him sedated so that he could heal.

Little by little, he’s been making improvements. He started breathing on his own, he spoke his first few words, and then he started building up his coordination and muscle strength.

Months after the accident, he is now able to stand and use exercise equipment. According to the family’s attorney, Shanna Hennigan, the family is thankful for those who have supported them.

“The family strongly believes that the prayers and support they have received from all over the nation and the world are fueling Devyn’s remarkable recovery,” Hennigan said.

A GoFundMe page raised over $40,000 to put toward Devyn’s recovery, and they’re now selling bracelets to try to raise more funds for the long road ahead of them.

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There’s also a Facebook page that’s been set up to track his progress. Regular updates, photos, and videos are posted there for thousands of followers who are watching and waiting for Devyn to make a full recovery.

“Team 3Stakks, I’d like to thank y’all for your prayers and support,” Devyn said in a recent video.

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