Starbucks Guest Furious After Bloody Surprise Winds Up in Her Drink


Everyone likes their coffee a bit differently. Die-hards might take it straight black, while others are addicted to sugar-rich mochas with whipped cream.

No matter how you like your cup of Joe, however, it’s a safe bet that human blood isn’t something you want as a mixer.

Shockingly, that’s exactly what a woman in California found in her Frappuccino at a local Starbucks, and now the family is suing the chain over the incident.

According to KCBS News, Amanda Vice ordered a cold coffee drink at a Starbucks in San Bernardino and let her young daughter have a few sips of the whipped topping. That’s when the mother noticed that there was blood inside the cup.

“It was on the inside of the rim of my Frappuccino,” Amanda Vice told the news station. She says the famous coffee shop admitted that one of their employees had bled into the cup.

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“After Vice called Starbucks, she says they confirmed that a barista had been bleeding and they agreed to have her stop making drinks,” reported KCBS. “They also, she said, offered her free drinks for a week.”

Blood-borne pathogens are a serious matter. If you think that seems like a weak response to a serious health code violation, you’re not alone.

“I thought it was sort of belittling,” Amanda Vice said.

Do you still order from Starbucks?

It would be gross enough if an adult found somebody else’s blood in their cup. Because Vice’s young daughter had also been sipping the drink, however, she became even more concerned, and was worried that the girl could get sick.

“I thought maybe I’d be a little more at peace if they would have her tested, the one who was bleeding,” Vice said.

According to Vice, Starbucks refused to verify that their bleeding employee was healthy and did frustratingly little about the situation.

It should be noted that the incident happened 2016, but Vice says it has taken this long while trying to resolve the issue with the coffee chain, with no results. Now, she’s filing a lawsuit.

“The intention was always to try and resolve this with Starbucks. And had they acted in a responsible way, we wouldn’t be here today,” said attorney Stan Pekler.

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Starbucks has had their share of public relations debacles recently. Last year, the company faced a backlash after it announced a plan to hire thousands of foreign refugees. Before that, the brand was hit with a boycott when it removed “Merry Christmas” from its holiday cups.

Everyone makes mistakes, but bleeding on your customers seems like a pretty rough public relations move.

It will be interesting to watch this lawsuit move forward, and to see if Starbucks changes its tune once lawyers are involved.

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