Suspect in Savage Assault of 55-Year-Old Woman Was Arrested Eight Times Leading Up to the Attack, NYPD Commissioner Reveals


The Democrats who run New York City apparently do not care about the city’s Asian-American citizens — or anyone else, for that matter.

How else could you classify their apathy when the suspect in the Big Apple’s latest brazen attack against an innocent person, this time an Asian woman, was arrested eight times within the last year alone for crimes ranging from arson to assault?

If you haven’t yet seen the daylight attack against the 55-year-old woman outside the Kong Sihk Tong cafe in New York’s Chinatown, viewer discretion is advised.

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As you can see, the unidentified woman was minding her own business when a man police identified as 48-year-old Alexander Wright slugged her, leaving her unconscious on a sidewalk.

The suspect was tracked by witnesses and arrested soon after the incident.

But here’s the shocking thing: According to New York City Police Commissioner Dermot Shea, Wright had just been released from jail for alleged arson and had been jailed on eight separate occasions over the last year, WCBS-TV reported Wednesday.

Each time, he was released.

Would you feel safe visiting New York City?

Wright’s release can be attributed to the city’s insane bail reform law, which conveniently took effect last year — the year the accused in this crime allegedly began beating people up and setting fires, the NYPD told the outlet.

Only in New York … and California … and New Jersey.

How does Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo feel about doing away with cash bonds for some crimes? All in favor, of course.

“The blunt ugly reality is that too often, if you can make bail you are set free and if you are too poor to make bail you are punished,” Cuomo said in January 2018.

How did Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio respond to the vicious attack on the Asian woman Monday? He blamed “mental illness,” and not himself.

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“We have more work to do with mental health and criminal justice, gotta glue them together,” de Blasio said, according to WCBS, essentially shrugging his shoulders at the mess he helped to create.

One lucid person was willing to call out the attack for what it is, which is a failure of the country’s largest city to protect innocent lives from deranged people. Shea attributed the assault to his city’s handling of violent people with kid gloves.

“Lives in a shelter, arrested eight times in the last year, randomly assaulting people, setting fires. The guy that was arrested on Friday setting fires. What are we doing in society, we’re releasing these people right back onto the street?” the police commissioner said.

Wright has been charged with a hate crime in the Chinatown attack.

Anti-Asian attacks have made headlines in recent months since a series of shootings in March claimed the lives of eight people — six of them Asian-American — in the Atlanta metro area.

Reports of such attacks increased dramatically in the months following that tragedy, especially in Democrat-run urban America.

But reporting on these attacks became inconvenient when the assaults no longer fit the preferred narrative of the establishment media and Democrats. In a stunning number of instances, the assailants of Asian-American people have been black, so the “white supremacy” narrative was useless.

In this case, a non-white homeless man allegedly beat a 55-year-old woman unconscious for no apparent reason, other than he was allowed to walk among civilized people after proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that he belonged behind bars.

The alleged attacker should have been locked up, not free to walk around and menace polite society — as he’d reportedly been doing just days before.

Blame de Blasio, blame Cuomo or blame the city’s council members. All of them are culpable. All have been coddling criminals, and now people they pretend to care about are being beaten up in broad daylight.

This poor woman’s brutal treatment lies squarely on the shoulders of those who’ve run New York into the ground — Democrats.

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