Swamp Monster John Brennan Gleefully Reveals Biden Team Is Moving Against 'Insurgency' of Libertarians, Fascists and Racists


If former President Donald Trump’s 2016 election and his presidency were the beginning of a three-film trilogy, then we’re now entering the second story in the franchise: The Swamp Strikes Back.

Under four years of Trump’s leadership, the pesky America-first rebellion against institutional corruption won untold victories, doing things such as not starting any new wars and not using federal agencies like the IRS to strike at their political adversaries. There was also historic prosperity and energy independence.

Trump promised a lot of winning, and a lot of winning was celebrated. We probably won’t know the full scale of the victories until President Joe Biden vacates them with his disastrous, gender-neutral, third-term Obama-administration policies.

Trump’s standing as an opposition figure to deep-state politics and career politicians could have alone acted as the catalyst for these people to go after his supporters, once he had been vanquished.

But the Jan. 6 Capitol incursion occurred, and the swamp was given its reason to go after all its enemies, and those enemies have now been named by swamp-dwelling former CIA director John Brennan.

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Brennan has never hidden his disdain for Trump, Trump’s policies and Trump’s supporters. But Wednesday on MSNBC, he outlined who the country’s enemies are when discussing the Biden administration’s plans to use the intelligence community against those behind what he called an “insurgency,” which was an apparent reference to the Capitol incursion.

Brennan said the country’s enemies are — and get this — libertarians.

The Biden administration and the intel agencies are “moving in laser-like fashion to try to uncover as much as they can about what looks very similar to insurgency movements that we’ve seen overseas,” Brennan claimed.

According to Brennan, the Capitol mob, and apparently the entire portion of the electorate that opposed Biden (Brennan wasn’t clear), is made up of “an unholy alliance” which includes “religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, nativists, even libertarians.” These people, per Brennan, were allowed to “germinate” and they must now be taken down.

“Unfortunately, I think there has been this momentum that has been generated as a result of unfortunately the demagogic rhetoric of people that just departed government, but also those who continue in the halls of Congress,” Brennan added with glee.

Aren’t the libertarians the ones among us who mostly just want to be left alone?

And what is a so-called “religious extremist?” Is it a person who attends church services and wants their church of choice opened as elected Democrats are allowed to dine and travel?

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The irksome libertarians, people of faith and those darn nativists are being lumped in with the left’s boogeymen: the racists. It’s always about race, isn’t it?

Just a reminder, this country is plagued by so little actual racism that people, with an alarming degree of regularity, conjure up instances of fake racism. Aside from the hoaxes, some people also profit handsomely from faking being minorities. Just look at Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts or actor Alec Baldwin’s not-so-Spaniard ¡wife!

The swamp could have probably used a phony campaign against widespread racism as the sole pretext to go on a post-9/11-like purge against civil liberties, citing it as a national security threat. Now, the incursion could be the reason we are told some Americans must have targets painted on their backs.

Brennan signaled the coming fight will not just be against those who breached the Capitol building. The man whose menacing face best represents swampy politics called out members of Congress, Trump’s administration and all people who don’t live their lives to serve at the behest of big government, such as libertarians.

Trump’s term in office was always going to draw a counterstrike from those who have spent their lives working to line their own pockets behind government desks. His election fight and the Capitol breach simply gave the swamp what might be viewed as a justifiable reason to act against his political movement or anyone who wasn’t actively opposed to it.

While the Capitol incursion moved some public sentiment against Trump during his final days in office, he is sure to be missed by some of those whose support he lost or never had. We’ll see what happens as the context of the last four years comes into clearer focus.

Trump’s presidency was never supposed to happen. The establishment media, the Democratic and Republican Party establishments and those who work deeply embedded in our government were blindsided by it. They’re eager to get back to business as usual, but first, they must trounce all perceived threats — even the libertarians.

The swamp is striking back.

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