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After Teacher Runs Out of Sick Days Caring for Daughter with Cancer, Co-Workers Do the Incredible


When someone you love is struggling with something, it’s natural to be concerned for them. When it’s a major illness that consumes their life, it’s nearly impossible to focus on anything that doesn’t have to do with helping them.

That’s the case for David and Megan Green of Huntsville, Alabama. Their world changed when their daughter Kinsley came into their lives, and it was rocked again 10 months later when she was diagnosed with leukemia.

Megan Green wrote an article for Love What Matters and said that their daughter was perfect, but concerning rashes started popping up until a visit to the pediatrician turned into racing to the ER and eventually the diagnosis that brought a screeching halt to their plans.

Despite seeing their daughter suffer as she goes through chemo and battles various harrowing side effects, and practically living at the hospital, the couple still holds to their faith.

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“One of the things I’m told the most often, that quite frankly I don’t like hearing is ‘God gives His toughest battles to His strongest soldiers,’” Green wrote on Facebook. “Wrong. I was not Gods strongest soldier. We were not Gods strongest soldiers.

“I lived out my Faith. I had a relationship with Christ. But His biggest soldier is something I was not. I also don’t believe God gave this battle to us. I have a hard time believing that we serve a God up in Heaven that’s looking down like…‘yeah.. let’s rock the Greens world, I really need them to pull closer to me.’ No. I refuse to believe that’s the way it works.

“Instead I choose to believe that God did not do this. He did not give Kinsley cancer. Satan did. In the hopes to come in and make us question Christ. To make us pull away from Him out of anger. Maybe Satan saw a weakness in us that he thought he could pry on and take advantage of. Did God allow it to happen? Maybe. But I choose to not focus on that.

“But you know what? Although I don’t believe God did this, I do believe He alone is using it for His glory. He is healing Kinsley. A complete and miraculous healing.

“Yes, there are trials. Nothing has gone as planned. We have jumped through many hurdles and overcome many complications. But my God is healing Kinsley. He is in every negative MRD (Bone Marrow). He is in every good ANC. He is in this hospital room day in and day out. He shows His love to us through all of you. Our family, our friends, our prayer warriors, our nurses.. who are now family. God is showing up each day during this time. He is here.

“So I choose to believe that while God didn’t ‘give his toughest battle to His strongest soldier’ but instead through these trials He is making me a stronger soldier. He is putting a mark on our life, on Kinsley’s life, that will help us draw people closer to Him,” Green concluded. “He is indeed making us stronger soldiers for Christ.”

Green quit her job to be able to care for her precious daughter, and David Green has done everything in his power to be at his daughter’s side every moment he can. He’s a teacher, and he quickly used up all his sick days at the Mae Jemison High School where he teaches and coaches.

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Knowing that time is precious, Megan Green posted on Facebook in an effort to get her husband some more time off so he could spend it with Kinsley.

“David is officially out of sick days at work,” she wrote. “We want him to continue to be able to be with us at the hospital while Kinsley is getting Chemotherapy so if you are a teacher in the State of Alabama and are in a position to donate a sick day we would greatly appreciate it!

“Kinsley is the biggest daddy’s girl and needs him to be here as often as he can, so she would be so thankful for any donated days so she can spend time with her Daddy.”

Originally, they’d hoped for 40 days, but offers came flooding in and soon they had 100, according to WHNT-TV. With so many supportive people asking for ways to help, they set up a GoFundMe as well.

The family doesn’t want pity, but they do request that if you’d like to make a difference, that you donate to childhood cancer research efforts.

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