Trump Beats Biden in 4 National Polls Despite Being Indicted and Skipping GOP Debate


Joe Biden’s dumpster-fire presidency is imploding so catastrophically that former President Donald Trump — who skipped the first GOP primary debate and has been indicted four times this year — is beating the 80-year-old career politician in four national polls.

This is an ominous sign that Biden could turn out to be a one-term president amid the countless harrowing crises erupting on his watch.

“The country’s frustration with inflation and wariness toward the idea of Vice President Kamala Harris being an 80-year-old’s heartbeat from the presidency are two of the many drags on President Biden’s reelection chances,” Democratic pollsters Douglas Schoen and Carly Cooperman wrote Monday in The Hill.

Among the numerous problems plaguing Biden’s presidency, the sputtering economy remains his biggest weakness, they said.

“Inflation fatigue has fostered widespread economic pessimism,” Schoen and Cooperman wrote. “Only a third of voters (33 percent) believe the U.S. economy is headed in the right direction, while most (58 percent) say it’s on the wrong track.

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“In addition, voters are nearly twice as likely to say that their personal financial situation has worsened over the last year (42 percent) rather than improved (22 percent). “

Given these sobering statistics, it’s no surprise the latest poll from Schoen Cooperman Research showed the 45th president edging out the incumbent 45 percent to 44 percent in a hypothetical rematch of the 2020 race.

These results are mirrored in three other major national surveys, including one from Emerson College Polling that showed Trump (46 percent) beating Biden (44 percent) in a hypothetical matchup.

In the latest McLaughlin & Associates poll, Trump thrashed Biden 47 to 43 percent in a hypothetical matchup.

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Similarly, the new Reuters/Ipsos poll found the former president beating the incumbent 38 percent to 32 percent “if the election for president were held today.”

Obviously, polls are not the end-all-be-all, since they’re temporary snapshots of public sentiment that can and do change over time. The phrasing of questions and the methodology can skew the results, and at least two of the above surveys were within the margin of error.

Having said that, the latest polls paint a troubling portrait of Biden’s presidency as a beleaguered administration in shambles.

This is not surprising in a country that is being roiled by numerous crises, including punishing inflation, daily border invasions and skyrocketing crime.

Even with the liberal corporate media trying to convince Americans that everything is fine, people instinctively know when their real-life experiences contrast sharply with the narrative being shoved down their throats.

Do you think Trump can beat Biden?

Take inflation, for example. The Biden administration and its establishment media lapdogs blithely insist the economy is great. However, the daily reality of the crushing prices we’re all paying for groceries, gas and everything else slaps down this fake talking point.

It’s the same with the escalating crime waves metastasizing across the nation. People instinctively feel less safe than they used to.

Even with Trump being bogged down with sham indictments, there’s growing sentiment that things cannot continue as they are with this president in office.

Those who argue that the 45th president has no chance of being elected in 2024 should heed the wake-up call resounding from the latest polls. Take it from Democratic pollsters Schoen and Cooperman.

“Many rashly assume that Biden can handily beat Trump, who has even more political and legal baggage now than he did when he lost the 2020 election,” the duo warned. “Democrats would be foolish to take that for granted.”

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