Trump Reveals 42 Policy Proposals He Has Ready for America if He Gets Re-Elected


Former President Donald Trump is back in D.C. this week for the first time since he left office and he has come back with dozens of policy proposals.

Speaking at the America First Agenda Summit, Trump was slated to deliver a speech on crime on the second day of the summit, Newsweek reported.

But during his own speech, Trump touched on many topics during his speech including inflation, the economy, big tech, immigration, energy, transgender athletes and the 2020 election, C-Span reported.

After Trump addressed a plethora of issues, Breitbart also outlined the prepared remarks that were circulated by Trump’s team and essentially broke it down into 42 policy proposals, mostly centered around law and order.

Trump supported police departments and enhanced law enforcement.

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“We have to give our police back their authority, resources, power, and prestige. Leave our police alone. Let them do their job. Give them back their RESPECT. They know what to do. We have to allow them to do it,” Trump’s plan said, according to Breitbart.

He also proposed strengthening “qualified immunity and other protections for our police officers.”

Along with supporting law enforcement, Trump also mentioned that he wants to crackdown on the drug epidemic in the U.S.

He wants to go after “dealers, traffickers and narco-terrorists.” He even emphasized that traffickers should “receive the death penalty.”

Do you think that Trump will actually run again?

Outside of law enforcement and the workings of the justice system that Trump made proposals for, he also wants to address homelessness and healthcare provisions.

Trump even called on Congress to pass  “a landmark package of public health, public safety, and mental healthcare reforms.”

The former president also had proposals concerning self-defense, border security and immigration law– much of it similar to what he has said in the past.

Moving even more broadly, Trump also criticized the education system along with race and gender theories.

Then to finish things off, he also had comments about voting laws, energy prices and big tech censorship.

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After commenting and even proposing changes on so many issues, the discussion around the possibility of another presidential run from Trump keeps swirling.

Earlier in the month, he already indicated that he had made up his mind, The Hill reported.

“Well, in my own mind, I’ve already made that decision, so nothing factors in anymore. In my own mind, I’ve already made that decision,” Trump said.

While everyone waits for him to make a decision, one way or the other, many are watching Trump closely and speculating that his appearance at this D.C. summit may have been him laying the groundwork for another presidential run.

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