Trump's Border Wall Hits Milestone, Fulfilling Major Campaign Promise


President Donald Trump has delivered on his central 2016 campaign promise with the construction of 450 miles of wall along the nation’s southern border before the end of 2020.

This is a herculean feat that his anti-wall critics repeatedly claimed would never happen.

“This isn’t just a remarkable achievement, I think it’s an historic accomplishment for many factors,” acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan said during a call with reporters Monday, Fox News reported.

Morgan said the 450-mile goal was reached on Dec. 31 — in defiance of skeptics who howled that it was impossible.

“We were challenged, and a lot of people didn’t think we were going to be able to get it done,” he said.

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Morgan underscored that the border wall project isn’t over simply because a milestone was cleared.

He pointed out that the recent omnibus spending bill passed by Congress and signed by the president earmarks an additional $1.375 billion for ongoing wall construction.

Democrats have vehemently opposed the wall and have filed numerous lawsuits to block construction since Trump took office.

Nevertheless, he persisted and topped the pledge he had made back in 2019.

At the beginning of January 2020, only 100 miles of the wall had been constructed.

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Over the next 12 months, the Trump administration tenaciously forged ahead and built an additional 350 miles. Mission accomplished.

Democrat Joe Biden has vowed to stop wall construction if he’s installed as president.

“There will not be another foot of wall constructed in my administration,” he told reporters in August.

Biden said he wouldn’t tear down the existing wall but instead would try to seal off ports of entry along the border with a “high-tech virtual wall.”

Morgan warned that it won’t be easy for a potential Biden administration to halt further wall construction.

Why? Because those contracts have already been awarded and it would cost the U.S. “billions” to abruptly walk away.

“So in addition to the 450 that we’ve already got on the ground, we’ve got funded 350 miles of wall system to go in the ground,” he explained. “The overwhelming amount of those miles, that funding, the contracts have already been awarded.”

So it looks like Trump haters and open-borders advocates will be stuck with the 450 miles of the wall for the foreseeable future.

That’s a concrete piece of immortality.

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