Biden, Democrat Vows on Immigration Sending Signal That 'Our Borders Are Open'


The prospect of a Joe Biden presidency has encouraged new enthusiasm in Central America for caravans of would-be border crossers to head north to the United States.

And while a cohort of more than 1,000 Hondurans that started the trek last week was broken up before it even got out of the country, there are likely to be plenty more following in its footsteps.

Not only has Biden vowed roll back many of President Donald Trump’s immigration policies if he gets installed in the White House, back-to-back hurricanes ravaged Honduras last month, a disaster in an already impoverished land.

Together they make the U.S. a target for a new wave of illegal immigration, despite the fact that the United States is itself weathering an economic crisis caused by the coronavirus shutdowns.

Members of the caravan that was stopped last week told The Wall Street Journal that they were encouraged to make the long, arduous journey because they believe a Biden administration wouldn’t care if they break longstanding federal immigration laws that Biden helped pass when he was a senator.

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“We have asked God to help us and we believe that the new U.S. government will let us in,” Bertha Méndez told The Wall Street Journal.

It bears noting that as vice president, Biden enforced the very same immigration laws that he now pledges to flout as president.

According to a Bloomberg report last week, a second caravan is forming and expected to depart Honduras in mid-January.

Would a Biden presidency cause an unprecedented illegal-immigration crisis?

Proponents of mass illegal immigration promise that there will be multiple migrant caravans flooding the U.S. in the coming months. This alarming trend will undoubtedly skyrocket if Biden gets installed as president.

Jose Luis Gonzalez, coordinator of the non-governmental Guatemala Red Jesuita con Migrantes, a non-governmental organization advocacy group, told Bloomberg the combination of natural disasters and a potential change in the White House guarantees an influx of migrants to the U.S.

“There are going to be caravans, and in the coming weeks it will increase,” he said, according to Bloomber. “People are no longer scared of the coronavirus. They’re going hungry, they’ve lost everything and some towns are still flooded.”

Gonzalez confirmed that migrants feel emboldened to violate U.S. immigration laws because of a potential Biden presidency.

“When there is a change in government in the U.S. or Mexico, caravans start to move because they are testing the waters to see how authorities respond,” he told Bloomberg. “What they see is that the one who said he was going to build a wall and hated Latinos is on his way out.”

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Meanwhile, Customs and Border Protection officials are warning that the U.S. will experience an unprecedented border crisis under a Biden administration.

At a news conference Monday, acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan told reporters that 70,000 illegal migrants were arrested at the southern border in November, a 64 percent increase over the same month in 2019, according to Fox News.

According to Fox, Morgan said Democratic talk of placing a moratorium on deportations and ending on Trump’s “remain in Mexico” for detained illegals is only inviting the problem to get worse.

“The message you’re sending is clear and simple: We have open borders,” Morgan said, according to Fox.

Morgan said predatory human smugglers will exploit migrants desperate to sneak into the United States, and the country will be under siege.

“It’s been very clear what they say they’re going to do — if those valves are turned on completely, you will see a full-blown crisis within a couple of weeks,” he said, according to The Daily Caller.

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