TV Host Lets Biden's 'Rambling Mess' of Press Sec Have It for 'Train-Wreck' Interview: 'It's Just Gibberish'


It seems as if White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre could not give a decent interview or press conference if her life depended on it.

On Friday, we saw another example of that when she did an interview with Chris Hayes at MSNBC, who, one would suspect, would be rather friendly to Jean-Pierre and one would assume she would have no trouble with the interview.

However, Hayes then asked her a tough question about illegal immigration, specifically, whether the Biden administration would return to the Trump policy of detaining entire families of illegal immigrants.

Jean-Pierre had no idea how to answer the question, so she replied with an incoherent word salad that gave the interviewer and the audience no idea what the Biden administration’s policy was.

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Now Jean-Pierre is being slammed for her answer by a TV news host, and this time, it’s not someone from Fox News. This time, it’s Dan Abrams of “Dan Abrams Live” on NewsNation.

Abrams took to TV to slam Jean-Pierre for her “train-wreck interview.” He called her incoherent rambling “just gibberish.”

Abrams said that, given the crisis at the border and the Biden Administration’s inaction on it, “The White House decided it was time for a little damage control … Sadly, Jean-Pierre often ends up creating more damage than controlling it.”

Is Karine Jean-Pierre the worst press secretary of all time?

“What happens when you send a terrible messenger out with a tricky message?” Abrams asked.

He then proceeded to call  the interview a “rambling mess” and “incoherent.”

Abrams was not the only one who was frustrated with Jean-Pierre’s complete non-answer. One Twitter user expressed frustration that she tried to deflect blame to the Trump administration for the border crisis.

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Frankly, these are common sentiments. People are tired of Jean-Pierre refusing to give clear or direct answers, instead deflecting to blame everything on the Trump administration.

In addition, she seemingly cannot get through a single interview without making an embarrassing mistake, such as saying the wrong thing or mispronouncing someone’s name.

Now it is not only the conservative news outlets, but many other centrist or left-leaning news sources are starting to notice it. NewsNation, for instance, is a moderate news outlet that employs former CNN host Chris Cuomo, of all people.

The American people are getting tired of Jean-Pierre and the Biden administration as a whole being reluctant or unable to give straight answers to important questions.

When it comes down to it, Jean-Pierre is just the cherry on top of the Biden administration’s cake of incompetence. She only serves to frustrate the American people and to make the nation look weak.

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