Two Toddlers Dangle from 3-Story Window, Bystanders Watch in Horror Ready To Catch Them


You’re walking along the street. Buildings crowd in along either side of you, and it’s hot. Really hot.

Lots of windows in the buildings around you are open to try and let some sort of breeze in. Some windows have fans in them, trying to increase the airflow and give the inhabitants some relief from the summer heat.

And that window — that window has two babies in it, their feet dangling from the windowsill.

That was the odd and terrifying sight passersby were greeted with on July 10 on a street in Chicago: two 2-year-olds, crawling feet-first out the window, three stories up.

A 911 call made by a resident said it all. “Two children are hanging out the window, feet first,” they told the dispatcher.

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People began gathering, raising their arms, ready to catch the children if they fell. The babies were out of reach, and a slip from that height would be dangerous.

One of the little diaper-clad bums disappeared into the building as the child crawled back in, but the other one remained precariously perched on the sill.

“Two babies (were) dangling outside the window from the second floor,” one witness said. “My cousin ran out of the car to get under the window just in case something happens. I start recording the scene more people start coming and screaming ‘The babies.'”

“I’m just inside the car recording because I had my baby nephew inside the car and I couldn’t leave him by himself,” the witness continued. “My cousin saw more people coming she ran to the front of the building to see if she could make it inside to get the parents attention but she was never able to get in.”

“One of the babies goes back inside by himself but the second baby kind of got stuck with the window but he was moving trying to get out. A guy came and parked his truck, luckily he had a ladder! Some guys ran to help bring it down from the truck and start putting up the ladder.”


“It was crazy,” Denise Ochoa, another witness, said. “I was shaking. As soon as I saw the babies move I wanted to break down and cry.”

Fortunately, the gentleman with the ladder arrived just in time and was able to set it up against the building and usher the 2-year-old back inside.

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Authorities have determined that an adult was present but was not aware of the shenanigans the kiddos were up to at the time.

The two children are now in the care of relatives as the investigation continues.

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