'Unplanned' Star Hits Back at Hollywood Boycott Threat with Fantastic Response


Ashley Bratcher, who is starring in the pro-life film “Unplanned,” fired back at actress Alyssa Milano for threatening a Hollywood boycott against Georgia over the state’s “heartbeat bill.”

Georgia lawmakers recently passed House Bill 481, which would limit abortions to six weeks from conception — which is around the time of development when a heartbeat can be detected.

The bill will become law if Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signs it, which seems likely.

But Georgia’s heartbeat bill is at odds with Hollywood liberals, who often take advantage of the state’s generous tax incentives for film and TV studios.

Not surprisingly, dozens of Hollywood liberals and celebrities threatened to boycott Georgia and forgo the state’s generous incentives if the bill becomes law.

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One of the Hollywood liberals leading the charge is Alyssa Milano, who wrote an op-ed for Deadline urging Hollywood to boycott Georgia and bashing the state for neglecting to foster a “pro-film environment.”

“The state’s leaders go out of their way with huge tax incentives that attract these projects,” Milano wrote. “That’s why it baffles me that, instead of continuing to foster a pro-film environment, state leaders are going down a divisive road once again, refighting culture wars and jeopardizing one of the state’s biggest sources of revenue.”

Apparently a “pro-film environment” is synonymous with infanticide.

“Thousands of actors and film crew members converge on Georgia every year, and we hope to continue to do so. But we require a safe working environment with respect, tolerance, and love. All artists, especially women, must feel welcome,” Milano wrote.

It’s sad that Milano is demanding “respect, tolerance, and love” but is unwilling to give those same considerations to unborn babies. All human life is deserving of “respect, tolerance, and love,” including unborn human life.

The star of “Unplanned” set Milano straight in an op-ed of her own for Deadline.

“I’m incredibly proud of my home state for taking a stand in the fight for life amidst backlash and dubious threats,” Bratcher wrote.

Bratcher also addressed Milano’s boycott threat by explaining that human life doesn’t have a price tag.

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“In Georgia, we care just as much about being pro-life as being pro-film. We don’t believe in putting a price tag on the value of a human life,” Bratcher wrote.

“How sad it is that tax credits are a more important topic than the sanctity of human life,” she added later.

Bratcher also dismantled Milano’s hypocritical comments about “respect, tolerance, and love.”

“You want a working environment that is safe, respectful, tolerant and full of love? I know a place just like that and I call it home. Women do not seek abortions because they feel strong or empowered, they seek them because they are scared,” Bratcher wrote.

Is most of Hollywood out of touch?

“They seek abortions because society and the new-age feminist movement perpetuates the lie that women cannot be successful and be mothers. Those of us on the other side of the fence are here with open arms saying, ‘Yes, you can!'”

Hollywood liberals are completely out of touch, and America needs more actresses like Bratcher to set them straight.

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Malachi Bailey is a writer from Ohio with a background in history, education and philosophy. He has led multiple conservative groups and is dedicated to the principles of free speech, privacy and peace.
Malachi Bailey is a writer from Ohio with a passion for free speech, privacy and peace. He graduated from the College of Wooster with a B.A. in History. While at Wooster, he served as the Treasurer for the Wooster Conservatives and the Vice President for the Young Americans for Liberty.
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