Bombshell Video Shows Obama Team Bragging About Exploiting Facebook


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Facebook came under fire earlier this week after claims that information from its users had been collected and used by political analysis firm, Cambridge Analytica, for campaign research without their consent. Now, there is video evidence that suggests that the Obama campaign was not only guilty of the same data usage, but that their use of Facebook users’ private information was encouraged by the $500 billion dollar company.

In the tweet published Monday, a video featuring Obama staffer Carol Davidsen indicates that the Obama campaign was able to “ingest the entire social network of the U.S. that’s on Facebook” to utilize social connections between users as they targeted advertisements and their social media offensive.

While the Obama campaign used Facebook’s application to infiltrate and influence the social networks of its users, Republicans continued to use traditional campaign strategies to win over their audience which, as Davidsen explains, created a “disadvantage of information.”

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According to additional tweets from Davidsen, Facebook “didn’t stop (them) once they realized that is what (they) were doing,” and even admitted that Facebook “allowed (them) to do things they wouldn’t have allowed someone else to do because they were on our side.”

While Facebook’s lack of judgment regarding its users’ privacy is disturbing, what is even more horrifying is their hypocrisy.

Do you think Facebook is being hypocritical in its treatment of Cambridge Analytica?

Although Cambridge Analytica was hired by Trump’s campaign, he had no hand in where the company’s analytics were gathered, but that hasn’t stopped the liberal media from foaming at the mouth over what they had previously ignored during the entirety of the Obama campaign.

In fact, the data that Cambridge Analytica independently purchased and collected was obtained from researcher Aleksandr Kogan, who had received the information from Facebook users who chose to download his app, which Kogan described to them as a tool for conducting academic research.

Shockingly, he did so with Facebook’s permission to use information gathered not only from those using the app, but also from their friends.

Cambridge Analytica has maintained that they were unaware of Kogan’s disregard for Facebook’s data protection rules and, upon learning that the data had been collected from Facebook, the company stated that they had sold all “Facebook data and derivatives of Facebook data.”

While this move would be commended by some, the liberal media has continued to do nothing but slam the company for its mistake, largely because of its association with Trump.

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Despite Cambridge Analytica’s public statements and media releases, Facebook has been quick to ban the company, which has ties to many right-wing donors, from its platform.

In response to its suspension from the site, Cambridge Analytica issued another statement, arguing that the company’s “Commercial and Political divisions ​use social media platforms ​for outward marketing, delivering data-led and creative content to targeted audiences” and that they “do not use or hold data from Facebook profiles​.”

While Facebook rushes to distance itself from Cambridge Analytica, the truth is being revealed that it helped pioneer the use of private information — to benefit the left.

Facebook’s aversion to its conservative users is nothing new, but as the video reveals, their newest smear campaign against Cambridge Analytica shows just how hypocritical its leaders really are.

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Caroline Harris was a former contributor of Conservative Tribune, a publication of the Western Journal.