These Violent Facts About LGBT Couples Are So Real Even Biden's DOJ Forced to Admit Inconvenient Truth


A report from President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice released in June includes a fact that the Biden administration likely regrets publishing.

As it turns out, according to the report, domestic violence is more common in LGBT relationships.

Titled “Violent Victimization by Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, 2017-2020,” the report sought to prove the pervasiveness of anti-LGBT violence.

After listing off a number of stats meant to show this supposed pervasiveness, the report dropped a domestic violence truth bomb: When compared to straight couples, domestic violence is eight times higher among bisexual couples and more than twice as high among lesbian and gay couples.

A 2018 review of studies analyzing “intimate partner violence” published in the National Library of Medicine reached the same conclusion. According to the review, IPV among LGBT couples is “comparable to or higher than heterosexual cases.”

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If true, these inconvenient facts would be devastating to the left’s narrative that all family structures are equivalent (because men and women are the same, fathers and mothers are the same, so it doesn’t matter if a kid has a mom and a dad, two dads or two moms).

That being said, it could be the case that the DOJ’s report is completely fallacious. Chad Felix Greene of The Federalist has researched LGBT violence extensively and seems to believe as much.

“I’ve been following [anti-LGBT violence statistics] for years and it is always the same manipulation techniques. The data has never been improved or accurate. It’s maddening,” Greene told The Western Journal.

According to Greene, the biggest problem with these numbers is missing context. In his opinion, there is no reason to assume that “all people have equal opportunity to experience violence.”

Do you trust the Biden administration?

The proponents of the LGBT movement seem to be constantly changing the goal posts, underlying assumptions and definitions key to many such statistics in order to further their ideological narrative.

For example, Greene pointed out that in recent years, murders in Puerto Rico have been categorized as U.S. murders, “disregarding the significant cultural differences that cause them.”

Additionally, terms like “simple assault” can be used to inflate “violence” statistics. Physical violence is not necessary for something to qualify as a “simple assault.” If someone were to merely make a gay or trans person “feel or believe they will be harmed,” that could be categorized as simple assault.

Lastly (although many other forms of statistical manipulation are likely used), Greene pointed out that much of the LGBT violence data is “self-reported,” making the numbers more difficult to verify.

“In my experience, these numbers are inflated, not based on objective, measurable data and lack sufficient context to make any determination. The term ‘violence’ is too broad to understand what is being presented,” Greene told The Western Journal.

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So either the Biden administration is right and LGBT couples tend to produce more dangerous family environments, or it is wrong and completely fudging the numbers in order to fuel an ideological agenda.

Either way, know that when officials in the Biden administration talk about “LGBT rights,” you can’t trust a single word they say.

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