Warren Voters Accuse Own Party of Sexism After Devastating Super Tuesday Defeat


The patriarchy strikes again.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign was running on fumes, especially after her lackluster showing on Super Tuesday, and finally sputtered to a halt Thursday.

The Massachusetts Democrat’s performance was particularly dismal given the fact that she failed to capture a victory even in her home state.

Some of her strongest supporters have identified the force that is to blame:


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But wait — was this not the party that selected a female nominee in 2016? A female nominee who went on to earn millions of votes?

Is sexism to blame for Warren's defeat?

It doesn’t matter. For Warren supporters, the plan is to just blame the general sexism of both parties.

The “blame sexism” theme was used throughout Warren’s campaign, but it didn’t work very well.

This sexism claims from Warren’s supporters are just another iteration of the Democratic Party’s attempt to identify all disagreement as bigotry.

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This strategy has failed other candidates who have dropped out presidential primaries, Sens. Kamala Harris of California and Cory Booker of New Jersey. As Matt Welch at Reason noted, they “banked on identity politics as an electoral winner,” which was ultimately a tactical mistake.

Could it be that that the identity politics game has lost some resonance? Perhaps voters are reacting to Warren’s actions and statements rather than the fact that she is a woman. After all, she has demonstrated a streak of dishonesty.

The lies piled up along the campaign trail as she claimed she sent her kids to public school, was fired because she was pregnant and was told by Sen. Bernie Sanders that a woman could not win the election.

However, according to some in the media, merely identifying her lies qualifies as sexism.

One of her most memorable episodes of dishonesty demonstrates another problem with Warren: She has shown incredibly bad judgment.

She claimed to be of Native American descent and then, at the goading of President Donald Trump, took a DNA test to prove it. After the test showed her claims to be questionable, Warren proceeded to broadcast the results.

Trump laid a trap and the senator walked right into it.

Warren attempted to backtrack on the issue of her heritage, but the damage was done. The president was armed with plenty of material to last through a campaign season.

There were plenty of concerns about Warren that had nothing to do with gender. Primary voters saw that, and they went another way.

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Natalie received her law degree and MA in Political Science from the University of Arkansas. She began writing for The Western Journal in 2020.
Natalie received her law degree and MA in Political Science from the University of Arkansas. She began writing for The Western Journal in 2020.