Watch: Biden Slips Into Gibberish, Says 'Jesheredaman' During Kimmel Interview - We Have No Idea What It Means


If he weren’t presiding over the most corrupt administration in history which is doing its best to destroy the United States of America as we know her, one might almost feel sorry for President Joe Biden.

The dementia that was discernible in April 2019 when Biden launched his presidential campaign has progressed to the point where every public appearance is now marred by slurred speech, gibberish and even invented words. Yet, collectively afflicted with the Emperor’s New Clothes Syndrome, the legacy media continues to ignore it.

During the President’s interview with comedian Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday night, he displayed all of the above.

Concerned that large corporations aren’t paying their fair share of taxes, Biden told Kimmel: “The idea there are 54 major corporations in America, made $40 billion last year and don’t pay a penny in taxes. Not a penny. How many think the tax code is fair anywhere along the line now?”

He turns to the audience to see if they agree. They do.

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“No, I’m not being facetious here. I’m being deadly earnest,” he says. “They don’t pay a penny. I don’t … so if we had a minimum tax of 15 percent just on (emphasis added) jesheredaman a minimum of 15, it doesn’t hurt them at all. They make a lot of money still and we can raise a lot of money to make sure that child care doesn’t cost you $1400 bucks a month.”

Jesheredaman? Biden utters the word at the 14:50 mark in the video below. After listening to this segment repeatedly, I still can’t identify what he was trying to say. Nor was YouTube’s “subtitle/closed caption” feature able to decipher his meaning. The word was transcribed as “state demand,” which makes no sense.

Following enthusiastic applause from the audience, Kimmel, the dutiful little foot soldier that he is, tells the President, “This all makes perfect sense. …”

It does?


After suggesting that some Americans are confused and don’t know how to respond or act, Biden declares: “The bottom line is, I think, we’ve seen such a radical shift in one party [yes, Republicans are the crazy ones] and the ability of that party to – of that minority – of the – the MAGA folks to control it.”

“I’ve never been more optimistic in my life,” Biden tells his host.

“Why are you so optimistic? It makes no sense,” Kimmel asks, drawing a laugh from the audience.

Which launches Biden into a discussion of kids today. “No, it does. Look at the kids. Look at the young people. Best educated. Least prejudiced. Most giving generation in American history.” The crowd applauds.

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The best educated? The least prejudiced? Today’s children were forced into at least one year, if not two, of social isolation and remote learning. Woke teachers have informed them they can change their gender if they think God made a mistake, that white people living in America today need to atone for the evils of slavery, and that the deck is stacked against black people because of the color of their skin. Frankly, I fear for this generation.

Then inexplicably, Biden pivots to the numerous ads on television showing biracial couples. “You turn on the TV. Look at the ads. When’s the last time you saw biracial couples on TV? …”

At one point, he invented a new word: Overstand. I suppose it means to “really understand.”

Do you think Biden is fit to lead the country?

The point is, even in the friendliest of venues, Biden is incomprehensible. Not only is he an incompetent president whose policies have severely weakened America, he’s becoming increasingly incoherent. The man has trouble composing basic sentences. Is he really capable of tackling the serious issues the country is facing today like runaway inflation, record gas prices, the threat of nuclear war and school security, just to name a few?

If former President Donald Trump made even one of these gaffes during a public appearance, the media would demand he submit to a comprehensive cognitive assessment … immediately.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin must be positively giddy as they watch the U.S. president slide into senility on the world stage.

And all we can do is wait for the child to come along to blurt out that the emperor is wearing nothing at all.

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Elizabeth writes commentary for The Western Journal and The Washington Examiner. Her articles have appeared on many websites, including MSN, RedState, Newsmax, The Federalist and RealClearPolitics. Please follow Elizabeth on Twitter or LinkedIn.
Elizabeth is a contract writer at The Western Journal. Her articles have appeared on many conservative websites including RedState, Newsmax, The Federalist,, HotAir, MSN and RealClearPolitics.

Please follow Elizabeth on Twitter.