Watch: Joe Biden Says to Visit Vaccines.Gum, Then Corrects Himself


On Tuesday, President Joe Biden gave remarks from the White House about his administration’s continued efforts to vaccinate the majority of the American public as quickly as possible against COVID-19.

“Two months from today … families across the country are going to celebrate the Fourth of July. Our goal, by July Fourth, is to have 70% of adult Americans with at least one shot and at least 160 Americans fully vaccinated,” the president stated, according to CNN.

In his dutiful efforts to assist American families across the land locate and acquire a COVID-19 vaccination pronto so the government will let us celebrate our freedom, President Biden directed viewers to a website … that didn’t exist.

“Visit Vaccines.gum,” he urged, before appearing to notice there was something ever so slightly odd about this domain name.

Squinting, Biden briefly corrected himself by clarifying “.gov,” although he immediately continued, “Vaccines.gum or text … to … your zi — text your zip code to th — 438829.”

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Nailed it:

Look. Biden isn’t a 90-year-old grandma. He’s a Baby Boomer, and one who has been in public office for many decades since the advent of the internet and the use of .gov websites.

Is Joe Biden's difficulty reading a teleprompter concerning?

I mean … how, exactly, did he get this wrong? Was there a typo on the teleprompter and he just ran with it? Did they spell out “dot gov” and he somehow read it as “dot gum”? Was the whole machine going too slow or fast for the fumbling POTUS?

Who even knows anymore? This presidency gets weirder every day.

This isn’t even the first time a teleprompter has caused the 78-year-old some confusion over an interwebs address, either.

Remember this cringe-fest?

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I mean, I can understand zoning out in the middle of a sentence or getting Middle Eastern leaders mixed up — I mean, parents get their kids’ names mixed up, why shouldn’t a career politician get a bit fuzzy about foreign figures when he’s speaking to reporters?

And we all fumble up our words sometimes — any one of us could have come up with a surprise campaign promise to “mobilize truinnerashuvaduprezure” … I guess.

Although to be perfectly fair, I really don’t understand the leader of the free world managing to forget the name of the Pentagon, and what the Secretary of Defense is called and who he had appointed to fill this position at “that outfit over there.”

I also don’t think it’s completely normal for a man to forget which political office he’s running for on the campaign trail or whether he plans to serve as president or vice president … that definitely seems odd even for one who might still feel more comfortable with a Jitterbug than a Galaxy S20.

To be honest, Biden slurs his words frequently; it wasn’t just the “truinnerashuvaduprezure” incident. He often appears confused and disoriented, famously forgetting where he was on more than one occasion in 2019 (and it’s not like they were dragging him all over the country).

Yeah, old people can slow down somewhat, but the number of times that Biden seems to lose track of what’s going on coupled with what seems like a very urgent reliance on teleprompters, notes and even cards to make public remarks definitely raises a red flag — to say nothing of his expressed concern that he might “get in trouble” lest he speak to the press for too long and the White House’s initial reluctance to let him give a solo news conference and his handlers’ continued exerted efforts to shield him from reporters.

This is just the latest iteration of the “go to Joe 30330″ incident in a seemingly endless list of like examples of the president’s inability to coherently address the American people.

How much longer before we can stop pretending the emperor is wearing clothes?

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