White House Visitor Logs Show Who Quietly Met with Administration Weeks Before Trump Indictment: Report


The mountain of evidence that former President Donald Trump’s indictments are a coordinated effort between the United States Department of Justice and the White House grows every day.

The New York Post revealed Sunday that in the lead-up to the federal indictment of former President Donald Trump on charges related to mishandling classified documents, interactions took place between members of the White House counsel’s office and Special Counsel Jack Smith’s team.

According to the report, on March 31, nine weeks before Trump was indicted, a close aide of Special Counsel Jack Smith, Jay Bratt, had a meeting in the White House with the deputy chief of staff for the White House counsel’s office Caroline Saba, according to records obtained from the White House visitor logs.

Danielle Ray, an FBI agent in the Washington field office, also joined the meeting.

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Coincidentally, Bratt also met with Saba at the White House in November 2021, during the time Trump was dealing with the National Archives investigation about presidential records stored in Mar-a-Lago but before the investigation was formally opened.

Then, in June 2022, Bratt went to Mar-a-Lago to inspect storage facilities at the property and talk to Trump personally.

The Washington Post reported in March that “Jay Bratt, the prosecutor leading the department’s counterespionage work, advocated seeking a judge’s warrant for an unannounced search at the property to quickly recover any sensitive documents still there.”

Stanley Woodward, the lawyer of Trump’s valet, Walt Nauta, who was also investigated as part of the Mar-a-Lago case, said Bratt tried to coerce him to help the prosecution against Trump by floating an application he had made previously for a judge’s position.

Is there a coordinated government effort against Donald Trump?

Woodward said Bratt indicated they might look more favorably at the application if he cooperated against Trump, as reported by The Post.

According to The Guardian, Woodward stated that Bratt told him “he did not think that Woodward was a ‘Trump guy’ and that ‘he would do the right thing’ before noting that he knew Woodward had submitted an application to be a judge at the superior court in Washington DC that was currently pending.”

The Post revealed that another meeting between Bratt and the White House took place in September 2021 with Katherine Reily, an advisor to the White House chief of staff’s office.

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So why was Bratt taking all those meetings in the White House all while he was investigating the president’s political opponent?

Peter Carr, a spokesman for Jack Smith, said Bratt was at the White House for a “case-related interview.”

The FBI declined to comment, according to the Post.

Something stinks.

Like a cheating husband with lipstick all over his collar, they keep telling us over and over again that nothing happened between them.

If the American people still want to believe this ridiculous charade, we deserve the sham government we’re living with.

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Rachel Emmanuel has served as the director of content on a Republican congressional campaign and writes content for a popular conservative book franchise.
Rachel M. Emmanuel has served as the Director of Content on a Republican Congressional campaign and writes for a popular Conservative book franchise.