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As Wife Is in Labor with Rainbow Baby, Husband Recounts Trials They Have Overcome in Sweet Video

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Most first-time dads are unsure what to do or how to help when it’s time for their babies to enter the world. Even the most supportive and caring dad can feel like a fish out of water as they witness the terrifying miracle of birth.

But when Kendall and Jasmine Caver went to Piedmont Atlanta Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, to welcome their newest addition, Kendall was prepared.

Unbeknownst to Jasmine, Kendall had taken his pregnant wife’s concerns to heart and come up with a great way to motivate his wife through a labor that ended up spanning two whole days.

He wrote out a bunch of positive messages and memories and had them spiral bound so he could leaf through them when his wife needed a little extra encouragement. He filmed himself at his wife’s bedside as he thumbed through the written messages.

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“Do you remember when we first met?” the first page read. “Almost 10 years ago. Before the bills. Before we started our careers. We were just kids in college who took a chance on each other.”

“Breathe (like we’ve been practicing),” read the next card. This particular reminder was sprinkled throughout the next few messages.

“Over the years, I’ve been your biggest fan. I’ve laughed at the same jokes 10,000 times, Like what do you call a bear with no teeth? A gummy bear! Please stop telling that joke.”

“When people ask me how we made it this far I tell them … A lot of prayer. A lot of patience. A few rough times. She gets me.”

“The night before our wedding day we received some advice we’ll never forget. ‘We are going to be tested but … there’s no test we can’t face together.’ And after two years of being married, plenty of tests later and … a pregnancy loss, I’d do it all over again to know the indescribable happiness I know today.”

“You are the most breathtaking, fearless, wonderfully made, woman I know. You are my best friend, soulmate, and in just a few pushes you’ll be the most amazing mother our daughter could ever ask for. I love you!”

The video ended with Kendall kissing his wife, and the kind gesture has been melting hearts everywhere. Having motivational posters around the room has helped many women get through labor, but having a partner take initiative and surprise you with his own heartfelt signs is even more touching.

The couple and their newborn appeared on WAGA a few weeks later, where Kendall was asked what prompted him to make that sentimental book.

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“Number one, she deserved it,” Kendall told WAGA. “Actually, a couple of weeks before she had her due date she was like ‘hey baby, I’m a little nervous. I’m about to go into labor like how’s that gonna be, you know, the birthing process,’ and I said that’s understandable, this is your first child.”

“So I started working, then I said I’m going to start putting together something that’s going to be encouraging for her, and that’s when I started working on the book.”

While Jasmine was understandably preoccupied, she was touched by her husband’s gift.

“I was so thankful,” she said. “I felt really blessed that he would pull out such a book like that and I was honestly just thinking in my head, ‘What could cause you to do something like this?’ But it took my mind off of everything and I was just really thankful to have him do it.”

She said the whole thing made her feel special, and she both laughed and cried. The couple also said they really thought it was important to talk about the fact that Sofia was a rainbow baby so they could be an encouragement to others who have suffered through the loss of a child.

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