You Will Love This Little Girl's Passionate Words About Getting Her First Haircut


There are good haircuts, and there are bad haircuts. We’ve all experienced them, whether the horrible decisions were made by ourselves or the people cutting our hair.

Usually when you combine “child” and “haircut,” you think of two possibilities: a kid who simply won’t have it and acts like cutting their hair is cutting their arm, or those who decide to go at their hair themselves.

To be fair, even adults don’t always get it right with scissors — hence the videos of shame that result when people try to cut their own bangs.

Then there are the “mom haircuts,” when mothers take on the role of hair stylist. Some moms have skills and some just have good intentions, but there’s a certain age when kids start to notice their cuts don’t look quite right.

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But one 5-year-old has experienced the magic of a transformative haircut. She feels like a whole new person, and she eloquently described her new self while her mom filmed.

“So, you know what’s the great thing about, uh, about short haaaiiir?” the little girl asks, sweeping her hair out of her face.

“Tell me,” her mother prompts.

Has your child ever tried to cut their own hair?

“Well, when you walk around and you have long hair, it gets caught to something and you have to pull it and it hurts you. But when you have short hair, it doesn’t really, like, get all messy and like, and get caught to something, because it’s so short. So, that’s the great thing about it.”

“And how are you feeling today after your first haircut?”

“Great,” the girl says emphatically. “Like, you can never see what happiness I have in me. It’s like I’m eating ice cream, watching a movie with Alex and my family — every family — and it’s like all together watching a movie, eating popcorn and ice cream with Alex and everybody, even my friends, watching a movie in the movie theater. That’s what I feel right now.”

Her mom asks if just getting a haircut really made her that happy, and the 5-year-old responded “Yeah,” as if it were the most simple thing in the world.

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Her mom then says that makes her happy too, and that it almost makes her want to cry “happy tears.” But her daughter is off again, extolling the virtues of discovering her new self.

“I feel like I’m a big kid, and I’m not your children.”

As she continues to talk from her car seat, her brother, who has been quiet the whole time, suddenly wails, “I need to peeee!”

Well, that ended that. But the little girl’s message was loud, clear, and passionate — almost as much as her brother’s.

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