Wisconsin GOP Chairman: Midwesterners Know Better Than To Dismantle the Trump Economy


The Democrats may continue to promote their destructive economic policies that would dismantle Donald Trump’s winning agenda, but they’ll have a tough sell with independent-minded Midwesterners. The proof for them, you see, is in the booming Trump economy.

In just two and a half years, President Trump has created a true economic renaissance in America, allowing the Heartland to thrive like never before in our country’s history.

Iowa, North Dakota, Wisconsin and Missouri have all achieved record-low unemployment rates under Trump, and other Midwestern states are recording their strongest economic performances in many decades.

Of course, this remarkable economic resurgence was no accident — the president’s pro-growth economic policies, particularly middle-class tax cuts and deregulation, have unleashed a powerful wave of prosperity and economic growth that has washed over the entire country.

Trump’s tax cuts alone created nearly 48,000 jobs across the Midwest last year, while saving taxpayers in the region an average of about $1,430 on their federal income taxes.

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Despite these impressive numbers, President Trump is not done making America great just yet. For instance, he is currently pushing lawmakers in Congress to formally approve the new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement that he negotiated to replace NAFTA — a disastrous trade deal that has cost the U.S. more than one million jobs since it was first enacted 25 years ago.

After the decades-long NAFTA ordeal, the USMCA is exactly the type of trade deal that workers in the Midwest need in order to build a more prosperous future for themselves and their families.

Earlier this year, the International Trade Commission concluded that the president’s trade deal will add a whopping $68.2 billion to the U.S. economy and create 176,000 new jobs across the country. Exports to Canada and Mexico are expected to grow by 5.9 percent and 6.7 percent, respectively, and states with large manufacturing and agricultural sectors will be the first to benefit.

Based on the ITC’s projections, exports to Mexico and Canada from Midwestern states will increase by hundreds of millions of dollars per year once the USMCA takes effect.

Regrettably, the Democratic Party’s presidential hopefuls are presenting a very different economic vision. In recent weeks, several prominent 2020 Democrats visited the prospering Midwest and vowed to replace Trump’s effective economic policies with their own dangerous, radical agendas.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, for instance, has already pledged to repeal the Trump tax cuts while creating trillions of dollars worth of new spending programs. The same is true of Pete Buttigieg, who recently unveiled a deceptive economic proposal ahead of his latest trip to Iowa in an attempt to soften his track-record of opposing job-creating policies.

Former Vice President Joe Biden also visited the Heartland recently. Hoping to distinguish himself from the other candidates, most of whom support the radical “Medicare for All” proposal that would eliminate private health insurance, Biden advanced the ludicrous idea of doubling-down on the failed Obamacare experiment.

During his visit, Biden also announced the so-called “Plan for Rural America” — a radical green energy program masquerading as agricultural policy. In fact, the plan calls for farmers to “achieve net-zero emissions” by implementing a policy of “carbon sequestration” — a fancy way to say “carbon tax” — which Biden promises will bring Iowans and rural Americans new sources of income.

That perhaps could be true for larger farms that arguably are in a better position to afford the expensive “green” equipment needed to capitalize on the promised federal subsidies — but it will come at the cost of small farmers, who will be taxed and penalized for using their existing equipment and conventional farming methods.

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Speaking of taxes, the Democrats are also rallying behind the Green New Deal — a radical environmental proposal that would cost U.S. taxpayers $93 trillion and bring our ongoing economic renaissance to an ignominious end.

Most importantly, though, not a single Democrat presidential candidate supports the USMCA, despite the fact that the trade deal will benefit workers in every U.S. state.

The contrast couldn’t be more clear: President Trump is advancing policies that will help the Midwest thrive for decades to come, while the Democrats are promising to undo the progress we’ve made so far.

With the polite firmness that comes naturally to Midwesterners, it’s best we all say “no thanks” to the Democrats and let the proof of success from the president’s policies continue for four more years.

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Andrew Hitt is the chairman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin.
Andrew Hitt is the chairman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin.