As Woke Late-Night Shows Grind to a Halt, 'Gutfeld!' Will Be the Only One Putting Out New Episodes


The Writers Guild of America (WGA) has gone on strike, sending late-night television into absolute chaos.

The unionized TV writers went on strike on Tuesday, meaning that many of the giants of late-night comedy, such as Jimmy Kimmel,  Jimmy Fallon, and Steven Colbert, are shutting down for the time being while reruns are played.

However, in the midst of all the confusion, there is one late-night comedy show that is still going strong.

That show is, of course, Greg Gutfeld’s “Gutfeld!” on Fox News which, according to The Warp, is the only network-based late-night TV show that will continue to air new episodes in spite of the strike.

This is because the writers of “Gutfeld!”, unlike the writers of the other shows, are not members of the guild and therefore will not be participating in the strike, meaning that the show can continue to go on as if nothing is happening.

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It also means that while other late-night comedy shows, which are known for regurgitating woke talking points, are canceled for the time being, “Gutfeld!” which takes the exact opposite approach to comedy, will continue to reach people around the country.

This is just the latest win for Gutfeld, who has already established himself as the king of late-night comedy. Now, with his show being the only one to produce more episodes, he will have a chance to further solidify his position.

Fox News will no doubt be happy to hear that “Gutfeld!” is continuing to be a massive success, as viewer numbers are massively down at the network since it made the decision to let go of Tucker Carlson.

With the cash cow that was Carlson now gone, the network will have to rely on “Gutfeld!” and other shows like it to bring viewers back to the network.

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What is all the more remarkable about this is the reason for Gutfeld’s massive success right now, which is that his show is completely different from any other late-night comedy show.

Not only is the content and angle of his show massively different, but as Red State pointed out, the fact that “Gutfeld!”‘s writers are not part of the WGA shows just how different the spirit of the show is from other shows.

As Red State said, the show is not afraid to take risks either with its writing style or its content.

For that reason, it is attractive to writers who want to work outside the restricting confines of the union in order to blaze their own path and earn money themselves, rather than rely on the unions.

This might also explain the reason why the show is having so much success. It is a show that strives to be creative and take risks, rather than be stuffed in the box of establishment Hollywood.

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People are sick and tired of woke shows that seem to be indistinguishable from one another, with hosts who just regurgitate the same things over and over again because they know they are safe talking points.

They want people who are willing to be creative, and that is exactly what Greg Gutfeld provides.

The fact that “Gutfeld!”‘s writers are not on strike only further proves that Gutfeld could not be any more vastly different from his competitors.

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