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Woman Makes Huge Mistake After Deciding to Get Dog Groomed


Many people are impressed with how different their dogs look after a haircut, and sometimes a good spa day can make a dog look nearly unrecognizable — but when one woman left the groomer’s with a dog that looked different, it was because he was a completely different dog.

Tykesha Cherry, 31, of Chesapeake, Virginia, has a 10-month-old Maltese-poodle mix named Lucky. She dropped him off at the groomer’s in Norfolk on a day in early January to get him freshened up.

According to Cherry, the problems started when she showed up to pick him up later in the day.

“I went to pick up my puppy, I went in and the lady at the desk said, ‘Oh, you’re here for Bentley?'” she told South West News Service, according to People.

“I said, ‘No, I’m here for Lucky.’ As she’s walking away to fetch the dog, I was dealing with the receipt. I look up, and there’s a dog in my face.

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“I didn’t get a chance to get a good look at him, all I saw was white. I go to the car and I put him in. He turned around and I thought, ‘He looks so different, am I tripping?'”

The dog was about the same size as Lucky, had a fluffy white coat in a similar trim, and certainly looked like the maltipoo on first glance.

The photo Cherry took of the dog has amused many people, as it looks like the dog is giving her a cold stare.

Cherry started to really pick up on a few concerning differences: The dog seemed aloof, had a slightly different coat pattern and darker paws and — perhaps the biggest red flag — didn’t respond to the name “Lucky.”

She called her boyfriend, Quinn Young, as she sat in her car, puzzled. He agreed that something was up, and so Cherry walked back into the groomer’s with not-Lucky.

“I was like, ‘This isn’t my dog, where’s my dog? Where’s my puppy?'” she recalled. “They were shocked, everybody was in shock. I get the mix-up, they’re both white, but I thought they’d have tags in the back or something.”

She posted about the incident on Facebook as well.

“Went to groomingdales on 21st street and they messed up,” Cherry posted on Facebook. They gave me the wrong dog in pic 1 when the puppy in pic 2 is actually mine … I just kept looking at him outside in the parking lot like you look so different smh thank goodness I called Quinn to make sure I wasn’t tripping before I pulled off because who knows where lil lucky would have been.”

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Cherry also said she was very upset about the incident, though after she posted the story and side-by-side comparison photos online, people have criticized her for not noticing the difference immediately.

She also defended not-Lucky, whose name is Bentley, saying he was a much nicer dog than he appears to be in his glowering photo.

“He wasn’t growling at me, he was the sweetest dog and very much clingy,” she said. “I know he looked mean in the photo, but he wasn’t at all.

“Bentley had a very different personality to Lucky. Bentley was barking out the window — Lucky doesn’t do that, Lucky is a crier.

“When I picked Bentley up, he was jumping towards my neck, like he wanted me to hold him close. I was thinking, ‘What’s wrong with you? Why do you keep doing that?'”

Thankfully, both pups ended up going home with their rightful owners, but no doubt Cherry will be double-checking the next time she picks Lucky up from the groomer’s.

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