20+ Pics of Animals 'Interrupting' Photographers While Working


We may not all be professional photographers, but those of us with pets have probably had the unique experience of trying to catch our critter’s best angles.

It’s not easy. Animals do what they like when they like, and unless you have a particularly helpful creature, they generally don’t hold still long enough for you to get that perfect shot.

Wild animals are much the same, but because they’re not domesticated, they really have their own way of doing things.

They’re still curious, though — curious enough to see what’s going on when there’s a visitor in their territory. Especially foxes, which are notorious for their clever and inquisitive natures.

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This has resulted in some comical photos as well as some amazing ones, but certainly isn’t anything the photographer could have planned for or created themselves in the wild.

The work of a wildlife photographer isn’t easy. You have to search out the ideal spot, and then you have to wait patiently until your subjects a) appear, and b) get comfortable around you so you can get close enough for an unobstructed shot.

You’re not guaranteed comfort of any sort, either. The animals you’re looking for live in remote areas, and you’ll have to track them through forests, deserts, wetlands or wastelands.

You have to lie on your stomach for hours at a time, and you might be on rocks. Patience is key.

Some photographers even go to the places they want to photograph for days ahead of time, getting the animals used to their presence so that they can eventually score that perfect picture.

Because of all the factors involved, as well as the sheer chance of running into these kinds of situations, the likelihood of capturing images like these is almost impossible.

It would make sense that some people think some of the photos look, well, staged. Many cynics have called foul, saying that the images have been “clearly photoshopped,” but that’s not necessarily the case.

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Seldom will you find the two animals above together in nature, though. A baby wolf and a baby deer or some sort of prey animal? Probably taken at a sanctuary — still, though, it’s an adorable photo in its own right.

A baby wolf is one thing: Putting yourself in a situation where you’re near full-grown predators of any kind can be terrifying.

This photographer (the one you can’t see) was probably the wisest of the whole lot. That cat does not look pleased with the photos taken of her, though. Delete!

Or if you can’t figure out how to delete the photos, you can just destroy the evidence altogether.

Still, some of the most ferocious critters aren’t the largest.

This little weasley thing looks vicious. The lady’s going in for a kiss but fur dude is stewing about something and might nip her nose.

Hopefully she walked away with nothing more than this amazing photo.

Wild animals are certainly fascinating, but it’s best to leave close encounters to the pros. And, based on these photos, even pros run into surprises sometimes!

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