After 60 Years of Marriage, Mother Refuses to Let Husband's Mind Go to Alzheimer's


“The story I’m going to tell you is about my mom and dad. They’re [sic] names are Odom John Dewey Elders and Verma Elaine Elders.

They have been married 60 years this July 2, 2018. I have had the most awesome pleasure of watching their amazing love my entire life.

Janet Elders Pindak

My dad has respected and loved my mama for 60 years. He made it all about her and she made it all about him, then they made it all about us, five children.

They could not have shown us a better way to live a good life if they had tried.

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Janet Elders Pindak

They still has [sic] each other, but my dad is 80 years old and he has Alzheimer’s…

My mom is 77 years old and refuses to let his mind go out that way.

Janet Elders Pindak

I live with them and at this time in their life I am blessed even more as I watch their amazing love in this stage of their Love Story.

Sometimes I cry, sometimes I laugh, all the time I take pictures and always I am blessed.”

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Every love story is unique, but it’s always great to hear stories like Odom and Verma’s.

Even after 60 years together, it’s stronger with each passing day.

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As the saying goes, “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” Happily ever after.

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