Sick New Pro-Abortion License Plates Released


Planned Parenthood is once again pushing its sick agenda on an unsuspecting public — this time by unveiling specialized license plates for the state of Nebraska.

According to Omaha-World Herald, the license plates say “My Body, My Choice,” with a Planned Parenthood logo prominently displayed.

The cost of the plate? An extra $70.

According to KMTV, the plates are a response to Nebraska’s “Choose Life” plates, and technically they might be.

But the two are not equivalent statements.

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First, the “Choose Life” message appeals to all, regardless of age or gender, which is as it should be, because the question of abortion is one the entire country needs to face, men women, old and young. It’s a moral issue on a par with the abolition/slavery conflict of the 19th century.

The Planned Parenthood plate is designed to appeal only to the segment of the female population that is of childbearing years. While the argument could be made that physically, that is the population most immediately affected by the question, there is far more at stake than that. When we’re talking about the unborn, we’re talking about the future, and no demographic holds monopoly power over that.

Second, and even more importantly, the “choice” Planned Parenthood is talking about is the deliberate taking of a human life. That’s a far cry from the life-affirming message of the “Choose Life” plate.

But it’s about what could be expected from an organization with Planned Parenthood’s warped of human dignity (selling dismembered babies’ body parts doesn’t speak well of their world outlook).

The liberal organization has a long history of using its platform to fund baby-killing and then forcing its agenda on Americans.

Meg Mikolajczyk, associate general counsel and senior public affairs manager for Planned Parenthood released a statement on the plates.

“‘My Body, My Choice’ license plates are an opportunity for Nebraskans to voice their own opinion on issues of women’s health – opinions that don’t necessarily reflect the opinion of the governor, lieutenant governor and some senators,” she said.

It also doesn’t reflect the opinion of a majority of Americans who think abortion should be restricted — and should not be funded by tax dollars.

Twitter responses summed up the pro-life position perfectly:

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Shame on Nebraska for allowing the organization to take advantage of their state.

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