Traitors: 3 Democrats Caught at Private Dinner With Radical Islamists


After five years, Americans finally learned that three Democrats had dinner with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in honor of Muslim leaders

According to an article by Jeryl Bier, a freelance writer published by The Wall Street Journal on Thursday, the dinner took place in 2013.

The Democrats in attendance were Reps. Keith Ellison of Minnesota, who is also deputy director of the Democrat National Committee, Reps. Andre Carson of Indiana and Gregory Meeks of New York.

Also in attendance — Louis Farrakhan, the leader of a group called “Nation of Islam.”

Farrakhan’s legacy in the United States is built on the fact that he re-opened more than 100 mosques throughout the country.

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In 2013, the four got together to dine with Rouhani for a dialogue which included Muslim leaders from around the United States. Rouhani was in the United States to address the United Nations, Bier reported.

According to Fast Forward, the meeting was even published on the “Nation of Islam’s” web page.

Not one mainstream media outlet reported on the meeting. Instead, they brushed it under the rug.

The fact that Iran and the United States have been at odds since 1979 should have made it a big deal that the trio ate dinner together in 2013. The fact that Ellison was almost elected chairman of the national Democrat Party a year ago should have made it worth of reporting on the meeting long before now.

Should lawmakers have dinner with leaders of terrorist countries?

But the mainstream media was silent.

Iran has been a hot topic the past few years as the Obama administration foolishly pursued a “peace” deal with the murderous mullahs. During the final days of the Obama era, Iran mocked the U.S. military in the Persian Gulf and even took 10 American sailors prisoner briefly in January.

According to CNN, Iran went against the United Nations and expanded their uranium enrichment program in an effort to build their nuclear arsenal.

Furthermore, Iran is no friend of Israel, which is a close ally with the United States.

BBC News reported that as recently as Sunday, the Israeli military intercepted an Iranian drone that flew into the Syria-Israel border, and had a plane shot down by Syrian air defenses — the first time and Israeli jet has been shot down since 2006. (The plane’s pilots ejected from the plane over northern Israel and were taken to a hospital.)

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Why would any American want to rub shoulders with these people?

More than 99 percent of Iranians are Muslim, and a percentage of those are radical Islamic terrorists who are, at this moment, planning the demise of American.

We can’t say it’s shocking that these Democrats don’t see a problem with talking with terrorists; however, it is absolutely disgusting and un-American to be doing so.

What’s truly sad is it’s taken so long for the story to come out.

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