Acosta Furious After Trump Rally Staff Blast Loud Music To Drown Out His Live Report


CNN’s chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta has gotten a bit of a reputation for being a whiner. And several tweets he recently posted displayed this perfectly, along with how poorly and unprofessionally he responded.

During his coverage of President Donald Trump’s campaign rally for Republican Rep. Greg Gianforte in Missoula, Montana, Acosta was present to provide live coverage. After the event, as he was filing a report with CNN’s show host Don Lemon, initially the music in the background was cranked up so loud it was pretty hard to hear what Acosta was saying.

Acosta made his displeasure about the music known on Twitter. It was a response to the first one, however, that really drew his ire.

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Here is his response, verified by The Daily Wire, that came from his account.

Screen shot of a Twitter exchange.
(Ryan Saavedra / Twitter screen shot)
Do you think CNN's Jim Acosta is a whiner?

The man who sent the fury-inducing response, using the exact same comment made by many to Acosta in response to various tweets, is a former White House staffer who worked for First Lady Melania Trump, according to The Daily Wire. He has been identified as Justin Caporale.

When Caporale saw the response from Acosta, he fired back with several tweets of his own calling out Acosta’s behavior.

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It seems that the loud music issue was a sore spot for Acosta. He did, however, offer an apology and explanation.

But that was not the only place where Acosta went a bit off the rails. In his live reporting, he brought up the alleged brutal torture and murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi Arabian officials in the embassy in Turkey. He even made a specific point about it on Twitter.

He seemed to be implying some correlation between Trump’s joke about Gianforte and the alleged murder of Khashoggi. He failed to see the connection between that very serious matter and his own whining about loud music inconveniencing him. He even spoke of how “dangerous” it is for journalists (under the Trump administration) right now.

But that is not all. Not only have no members of the media been attacked at Trump rallies, but there are over 600 documented cases of the right being harassed and attacked by the left. And Democrat leaders calling for it.

With his failure to see the difference between an inconvenience and an alleged brutal murder he added to his reputation for being a whiner. The fact he made such an issue of it, going so far as to curse at someone who commented on it, only adds to that.

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