New Section of Wall Completed Whopping 47 Days Ahead of Schedule & Trump Has the Video


CORRECTION: Feb. 25, 2019: The headline of this article, “New Section of Wall Completed Whopping 47 Days Ahead of Schedule & Trump Has the Video,” seemed to imply that a wall had been built along a section of border where no barrier had existed before. That implication is incorrect, and our article did little to clarify the matter, essentially taking President Trump’s tweet as our only source, in violation of The Western Journal’s Editorial Standards.

We have added additional clarifying information to the article, and apologize for any confusion we may have caused.

President Donald Trump has been under heavy fire from all sides over the southern border wall. He has been criticized for not doing enough, for signing a bad bill and for declaring a national emergency to pay for the barrier.

But in typical Trump fashion, the businessman with building experience has been working hard to keep his campaign promise about building the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

So while the hits have been coming, construction has been taking place along the border.

“It cost approximately $73 million to build the column-style wall that stretches for 20 miles west of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection port of entry in Santa Teresa,” KOAT reported. “The wall replaces older fencing and vehicle barriers there.”

As you might expect when the president is more of a builder than a bureaucrat, the work on one section in New Mexico was completed early.

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Trump shared video of the astonishing feat Wednesday on Twitter:

While this construction being finished 47 days ahead of schedule should leave some eating crow, not everyone eased up on the attacks against the president and the wall.

Do you care if the border wall is made with steel slats?

A common theme has been the semantics of the thing.

In his tweet, Trump called what was built a “wall.” To some, it is a “fence” or “steel slats.” Others have taken to calling the border security construction a “barrier” instead of a “wall” now.

Whatever name it is given, the purpose remains the same.

Trump addressed the question of building materials late last year.

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“Construction was beginning this month for 14 miles (22 km) of new fencing in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas — the first additional miles of barrier in Trump’s presidency,” according to The Associated Press. “That’s from money approved by Congress a year ago.”

So while some are upset about various aspects of the wall and its funding, Trump is, in fact, working to get the border secured.

Does it really matter what it looks like if it works? This speedy construction in New Mexico raises new hope.

The faster the barrier can be completed, the better for national security.

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