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Did You Catch the Hilarious Jab at Hillary's Failed Presidential Run on Trump's Website?

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If you needed another glorious reminder that President Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race, despite “experts” and media talking heads confidently predicting the opposite, then you’re in for a treat.

The people behind the Donald J. Trump website have gifted you with a bit of humor to brighten your day. Unless you hate Trump, of course. Then you will likely hate this, too.

As most internet users are aware, clicking on a page that has been taken down from a website generates a “404 Error” message.

Typically, the message just says the page no longer exists, without giving an explanation.

But on Trump’s website, someone decided to take a spin on the usual error message by incorporating a jab at Clinton.

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Internet users who try to open a link to Trump’s homepage that is no longer valid, or search for a specific Trump page with an incomplete or incorrect URL, won’t find a typical “404 Error.”

Instead, they find something much more entertaining.

In the background is a photo of Clinton standing at a podium with a presidential seal on it.

The text of the error message cleverly incorporates a typical error message with the poke at Clinton. It begins, “Oops! This is awkward.”

“You’re looking for something that doesn’t exist…,” it states. “Try going to our homepage.”

Some who saw the message loved it.

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Of course, this isn’t the first time Trump supporters have found playful ways to celebrate the fact that Trump is president and Clinton isn’t.

But to have a failed Democratic candidate — along with her millions of supporters — being trolled on an official website of the president of the United States takes things to a considerably higher level.

Trump has shown that he is a master at trolling and has a good sense of humor — and as the “404 Error” message shows, some of the folks who work for him must be the same way.

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